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With the App MBolsa
the financial markets will
follow you everywhere, so that
you can anticipate trends and
make your investments profitable
at any time all day long.

This app will transform the way
you invest on a daily basis and
become your right hand. You will
always want to keep it close by!



Find the most important
news of the day and the
most important world
economy headlines.

Here you will find the news
compiled by Dow Jones, read
the Research notes to prepare
your investment strategy and
add articles to your Favourites.



The major European markets
just opened.
It's time to use the App MBolsa.

Exclusive for Apple e Android™ clients,
the tools of this application are plenty,
such as the trade of Certificates,
Warrants (Complex Financial Products)
and Bonds.


You just received an alert stating
that the order you gave has been
executed and that one of the
securities you are interested in
reached 3.30 EUR.

By activating the service you will receive a
text message with the prices of a determined
security, the status of the orders or alerts on
the busiest markets where the most significant
prices increases or decreases took place.



The New York Stock Exchange
opened no more than
ten minutes ago and this is
already a full day for
technological companies!

With the App MBolsa you will be able
to follow the major stock markets,
allowing you to buy and sell securities
traded in international indexes such as
NASDAQ, IBEX or S&P 500,
at any moment, anywhere.


After the closing of the
domestic and of most of
the European markets,
it is time to consult the
Virtual Portfolio and
check the performance
of the securities and
indexes that you like
to "keep an eye on".

Another great improvement consists in the
Virtual Portfolio of the App MBolsa.
This new function enables you to simulate
the management of a fictitious stock portfolio,
allowing you to check, in the real time, the
potential valuations of the Virtual Portfolio.



Early in the evening, you will
be able to quietly consult the
Favourites section of the Info area ...

... with all the news and the Research
notes that you have been selecting
throughout the day as favourites.

Available for Apple and
Android™, download today
the application that
always offers you the best

For more information on Stock Exchange operations, please consult the pricing.

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The App MBolsa requires the prior installation and registration of the App Millennium.