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App Millennium for iPhone and iPad

App Millennium
for iPhone and iPad

Access the Bank in the palm of your hand!


  • MWallet
  • 100% digital account opening
  • New mortgage loans simulator that allows saving and sending the simulations, as well as send the application.
  • Simulator, request and online contract for personal loan.
  • Western Union transfer service.

What are the costs

Free download and use.

You only pay for the internet connection (according to plan contracted with your mobile operator).


App Millennium for iPhone and iPad - What is this?

App Millennium iPhone

The App Millennium just makes your life easier!

The App Millennium allows any of the Bank's customers registered on the website to access their bank accounts using an Apple device.

With this app you can access accounts and manage your assets simply, quickly and safely! In addition you also get the Finance Manager, an exclusive tool for Apple devices that allows you to follow up on your income and monthly expenses as well as create budgets for different categories and, in an easy manner and in real time, monitor each one's performance.

iOS 8.0 or newer version




These are some of the tools of the App which you may use anywhere, anytime:

- 100% digital account opening
- Mortgage loan simulation and application
- Simulation and Personal Loan application
- Banco Mail, for a secure exchange of written messages with the Bank;
- Timeline, to see debits and credits to the accounts and cards in a single screen
- View balances of current accounts, cards and securities accounts before login
- Fingerprint login
- Cards request
- Twin Credit Cards Activation
- Making transfers
- Acknowledgement of receipt of your card's PIN
- Payment of bills, purchases and to the State
- Making and adding to savings
- Locating the nearest Branch
- Access to the Finance Manager.


Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Download the App Millennium with the Finance Manager from the App Store, request this service for free and take full advantage of this app that allows you to:

  • Monitor the monthly budget, control expenses and manage budgets for the accounts and cards of your choosing;
  • Filter and organize entries - with the Finance Manager your credit and debit entries will be automatically organised by categories in real time. You can also add Tags or Notes to each entry if you wish for a greater level of detail;
  • Find out how much you make and were you spend it - with the Reports you can control, in great detail, where you spend the most and get a clear view of your financial standin;
  • Make and manage Budgets - you can make budgets to control the performance and eventual deviations from your goals.

With the Finance Manager on App Millennium you'll save money, control spending and save time!

Apple, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries.


How do I get it

Install and register the App Millennium

Step 1 - Download

On your device open the App Store, or iTunes if using a desktop, and:

  • Search for "Millennium" or "Millennium bcp";
  • Install it for free on the Millennium application page.

If you wish, you can also download the app using the QR Code:



1) To install the app you need to have an App Store account.
2) Installing and using the App with mobile networks may imply data usage. Please consult the prices charged by your mobile operator.

Step 2 - Choose a PIN


After you installed the App Millennium open it. Start by defining your Security PIN and confirm it to guarantee you entered the numbers correctly.

This is the PIN you will have to enter every time you open the App Millennium for purposes of authentication.

Note: The Security PIN is composed of 4 numbers.


Step 3 - Request SMS Code

Enter the User Code and hit next to request the SMS Code required for the App's registry.

The User Code is the same you already use to access

Step 4 - Validate SMS code request


Enter the requested 3 random positions of your multichannel code to validate the SMS request.

The SMS code will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided in your customer profile.

This is the mobile phone number you gave to receive security codes to confirm online transactions using

Step 5 - Final validation

Enter the Code you received by SMS, hit OK and then Validate.

Confirm the operation with the requested 3 digits of the Multichannel Access Code.

As of this moment, you will only be required to enter the PIN chosen in Step 2 and the Multichannel Access Code to confirm operations that so require.

Start using the App Millennium now! Millennium bcp is waiting for you!

Further questions

Unblocking App Millennium:

After three failed attempts to enter the PIN, the App can only be unblocked by entering the PUK code, which you can get in View APP PUK.

Communication between your Smartphone and Millennium bcp is carried out through secured channels and by encrypted code, securing the confidentiality of the communication.

All transactions concerning your assets are subjected to additional validation. You will be requested to enter random positions of your Multichannel Code (the same you use to access Millennium bcp website).

There are no bank charges associated to the use of this service. The Millennium App sends and receives data over a mobile data network. Mobile operators establish the fees they have agreed with their respective clients. Confer your mobile internet plan deal with your operator.

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