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  • Access your securities accounts and stock exchange transactions anyplace, anytime!
  • Stay tuned to the new releases in the world markets in the Info area, where you'll be able to access news from Dow Jones, as well as research notes of Millennium Investment Banking.

What are the costs

  • You can download and use this app for free.
  • You only need to pay for your internet connection (rates depend on your mobile operator).


App MBolsa:

With this application, available for Apple and Android devices, you will be able to negotiate buy and sell securities orders on the Portuguese and International market, access and consult your securities account, track quotes from several markets and many other operations!

This application requires iOS 8.0 operating system or above. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app it is optimized for iPhone 5.

Requires Android 4.1 and higher.


  • Carry out buy and sell securities orders on the Portuguese and International markets;
  • Check balances and statements on your securities account;
  • Negotiate Certificate (Complex Financial Products), Warrants (Complex Financial Products) and Bonds;
  • Access news and research notes in the Info area;
  • Create your Virtual Wallet, a new area that simulates the managing of a portfolio of shares, certificates, warrants and bonds;
  • View the status of your orders;
  • View stock exchange gains in your securities portfolio;
  • And many other operations!

Try this new way of trading stocks. Millennium bcp is waiting for you!


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Android it is a trademark of Google Inc.

How do I get it


Getting your App MBolsa

Ecrã App MBolsa

To use the App MBolsa you must first download and install the App Millennium and register with the same User Code. Because you login to the App MBolsa with the same PIN (4-number code) used for opening the App Millennium.

To install these applications on your device, go to your device's store, whether Apple (App Store) or AndroidTM (Google Play Store).


Install the App MBolsa

First of all, the App MBolsa App must be installed on the same device as the App Millennium.


Step 1 - Download

Go to the App Store or Play Store on your device, depending on whether it is Apple or AndroidTM, respectively, and then:

  • Search for "MBolsa";
  • Download and install it for free from the application page.

If you wish, you can also download the app using the QR Code:


1) To install the app you need to have an App Store or Play Store account.
2) Installing and using the App with mobile networks may imply data usage. Please consult the prices charged by your mobile operator.

Step 2 - PIN

Ecrã PIN

After you installed the App MBolsa (and registered with the App Millennium) open it. You login to the App MBolsa with the same PIN (4-number code) used for opening the App Millennium.

This is the PIN you will have to enter every time you open the App MBolsa for purposes of authentication.


Step 3 - Using the App

Now you can start using the App MBolsa. Follow your investments on a daily basis, keep up to date with the world markets and don't miss an investment opportunity.

Note: When you open the app for the first time you need to accept the service's Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Multichannel Access Code is the same you already use to access


Further questions

Unblocking App MBolsa:

After three failed attempts to enter the PIN, the application can only be unblocked by entering a PUK code in the App Millennium, which you can get at View Millennium APP PUK.

Communications between your device and Millennium bcp are encrypted and carried out over secure channels, assuring they remain confidential.

Operations affecting your assets are subject to additional validation. You'll be asked to enter random positions of your Multichannel Access Code (the same code you use to log in to the Millennium bcp website).

We offer this service free of charge. The installation and use of the App MBolsa implies data consumption when using a mobile data network. Mobile service providers establish the fees they have agreed with their respective clients. Consult your mobile service provider about data transfer costs for your mobile phone.

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