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From now on, whenever you reach into your pocket to get your smartphone you will be able to save money by using the App Millennium !

You don't need to go to a Branch or website to subscribe the savings products of Millennium bcp.

The only thing your smartphone or tablet needs to have is the most recent version of the App Millennium and you will be able to start saving fast, wherever you are!








Did you receive a transfer?
Subscribe to a savings product now and start saving!

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How? It's easy:
In the App Millennium , select Operations and go to "Subscription";

Select the deposit that fits you best;

Confirm the data entered and that's it!

Constituição Escolha Confirmação


Get more information on this and many
other tools in the Mobile area.

The subscription of saving products is free of charge.

Tool available for:

  Apple - download here   Android - download here

AppleApple - download here


Android™Android - download here


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