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App Millennium FAQ's


What is the App Millennium?

The App Millennium is a free mobile App developed by Millennium bcp that can be installed on most mobile phones and tablets available in the market, giving you real time access to your accounts, service payments, transfers or top-ups, along with many other transactions.

Is the App Millennium available for all mobile phones and tablets in the market?

This version is available for two operating systems that represent over 2/3 of the mobile devices sold in Portugal:  iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android™.

Which are the minimum requirements to install the App Millennium?

The minimum requirements are:

  • Apple: iOS 8.0 or a more advanced operating system; Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
  • Android™: Android™ 4.1 or a more advanced operating system.
Is it safe to use the App Millennium?

It is quite safe! Just as with the website, the App Millennium security level is high, and there are several security components embeded in the App, which are:

  • Definition of the PIN (4 digits) in the App that is used whenever you open or return to the App;
  • Single use SMS code to confirm the installation of the App on your smartphone or tablet;
  • And all transactions are confirmed by entering three random positions of the Multichannel Access Code.
How do I download the App Millennium?

It is easy, if you have an iOS or Android operating system, you just need to read the respective QR Code below.

OOr, if your smartphone/tablet is not close by or it does not have a QR Code reader, just open the App store for your device (App Store for iPhone and iPad, Play Store for Android TM), search for "millennium bcp", open the first result and install!

How can I get registered with the App?

After the App Millennium is installed, open it. Registration takes 5 small steps:

  • Chose your PIN to open the App and confirm it;
  • Enter your User Code (the same code you use to access and click on "Next" to request the SMS code;
  • Enter the 3 random positions of your multichannel code to validate the SMS. The SMS code will be sent to the mobile phone number you gave to receive security codes to confirm online transactions;
  •  Enter the Code you received by SMS, hit "OK" and then Validate;
  • Confirm the operation with the 3 digits of the Multichannel Access Code requested and that's it!

IMPORTANT: If you are not connected using Wi-Fi, downloading the App using mobile networks may imply data usage. We advise you to check the prices charged by your mobile operator.

How do I close the App? Is there a log out button?

There is no button, every time the App is not visible on the screen you'll need to enter the 4 digit PIN code to open the App again, which increases its security.

I lost my phone! What should I do?

It is always worrying losing one's mobile phone but the solution is as simple as cancelling a Credit Card: just call the Bank at 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24 / +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad) and request the cancellation of the User Code used to access the App Millennium (this does not block access to the website since these are separate channels).

I wish to install the App on two devices. Can I do this?

Yes, you can. For such, the only thing you need is to download the App Millennium in the additional device, follow the installation steps showed in the App and a new user will be automatically created.

This operation can be carried out for as many devices as you wish to access the App Millennium.

I blocked my access to the App due to consecutive failed attempts to enter the PIN. What should I do?

In the App, in the screen for entering the PIN, choose the option "Recover PIN" and initiate a new registration process.

I installed the App on a new device but now I cannot see all the accounts I used to see. How can I see all the accounts again?

You must access Millennium bcp's website with the user code set on the App of the new device and add the missing accounts at Area M > Customize > Manage Accounts. You may consult the user used to install the App on the side menu on "About the App".

Can I trade in the stock markets using the App Millennium?

For Customers with Apple and AndroidTM we have the App MBolsa, Millennium bcp's trading App.

You can download it right away, you just need to read the respective QR Code below:

iPhone and iPad Android

You can also download the App MBolsa at the App Store or Play Store (according to the operating system), just search for "Mbolsa" and install it.

IMPORTANT: If you are not connected using Wi-Fi, downloading the App using mobile networks may imply data usage. We advise you to check the prices charged by your mobile operator.

How can I get registered with the App MBolsa?

There is a single registration for the App MBolsa and the App Millennium. Therefore, you will need to have the App Millennium installed on the same device.

After installing the App MBolsa, you just have to open the app and enter the same PIN you use to go to the App Millennium.

The PIN is requested every time you open or return to the App MBolsa for purposes of authentication.

Where can I read more detailed information on the Bank's Apps and Mobile service?

There's plenty of information! On the mobile area at, you'll find an area fully dedicated to the Mobile Banking service, with many articles and videos that will help you know all about our products or even solve potential issues. There is also the Millennium Store, a store where you can find all the mobile Apps Millennium bcp has available for its Customers, which vary from daily management apps to Investment or Culture and Real Estate apps, provided for the various operating systems.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can send us an e-mail to

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