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"Let's add a new feature to your smartphone"

Now, with the service MB WAY you can make your purchases and transfers* using your smartphone or tablet.

How to subscribe?

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  Subscribe here by associating your bank cards.   Definition of a 6-digit MB WAY PIN code   Download the App MB WAY (iOS, Android and Windows®Phone)   Activation of the App MB WAY on your smartphone or tablet.   MB WAY ready to use


If you are a user of the service, the MB WAY ensures a simple and fast service since you only need to use your mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN code to carry out purchases and transfers immediately.

This is also a service that will provide you with greater comfort, as it may be used anytime, anywhere.

Safety is also guaranteed since the bank data are never shared between the consumer and the retailer. Besides, all transactions are validated with the MB WAY PIN code and the amount spent in purchases may have a daily threshold set by you.

Moreover, the MB WAY does not require top-ups, there are no subscription costs and it enables you to use both a debit or credit card.

What is an MB WAY withdrawal?

The MB WAY withdrawal is a tool part of the MB WAY service that enables the withdrawal of cash from the Multibanco ATM network, without the need to use a bank card.

The MB WAY generates a 10 digit code that will enable the withdrawal at any Multibanco ATM. This type of withdrawal is available for MB WAY customers who have an up-to-date App MB WAY (version 1.6.0). If you are not an MB WAY customer you may receive, via sms, the code generated with the App MB WAY, by an MB WAY user.

MB NET is also available in MB WAY

Now, your online purchases are all available in the same place, as well as the possibility of using Touch ID to validate all your transactions.

How can I use the MB NET?

To be able to use the MB NET through the MB WAY, you must access the App MB WAY on your smartphone or tablet, select the menu "Cards", select the option "Generate card" and in the next screen select:

  • The intended type of virtual card: "Single purchase" or "Retailer Card" (several purchases from the same retailer);
  • Define the maximum amount you wish to spend on your purchases (>5 €); and;
  • The card's validity in case you selected the "Retailer Card";
  • To finalize, you only have to enter the MB WAY PIN on your App MB WAY and make your online purchases using the MB NET card.

By providing this tool with the app MB WAY the MB NET will become even more easy and comfortable to use since it does not require the definition of credentials for managing the service or any specific pre-subscription to use the service. Thus, MB NET is a truly comprehensive service in the extent that you may use it through the mobile phone and also take advantage of the MB WAY tools.
The MB WAY allows you to make purchases online, or not, in domestic or international retailers and also make immediate transfers. Easy, Comfortable and Fast.

See on the MB WAY website which retailers joined MBWAY and where you can already make your purchases.

For more information send us a message via BancoMail with the subject "Information request" and the sub-subject MB WAY.