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Mobile: safety above all!


App Millennium and App MBolsa

Did you know… that when you use the App Millennium the connections between the device and the Bank have the same security protocol used in a computer when you access the website?

That's right! Besides, the App Millennium has several security components, such as:

  • Definition of the PIN (4 digits) that is requested whenever you open or return to the App;
  • Single use SMS code to confirm the installation of the App on your smartphone or tablet;
  • And all transactions are confirmed by entering three random positions of the Multichannel Access Code.

Knowing all this, have you considered the small probability of someone gaining full access to your App Millennium? Even if your smartphone or tablet does not have an active PIN, it would be necessary for someone to know the PIN code of the App itself and the Multichannel Access Code in full.

At Millennium bcp, we know that whenever technology takes a step forward, it is natural for Customers to have doubts regarding security issues, that is why we are so committed to working every day to give you secure and reliable solutions.

What happens if I lose my smartphone or tablet?

App Millennium and App MBolsa

Even in the more extreme cases, such as when a Customer loses a smartphone or tablet, or suspects that someone may have gained access to the App, the solution is as simple as cancelling a Credit Card: just call the Bank at 707 50 24 24 and request the cancellation of the User Code used to access the App Millennium (this does not lock access to the website since these are separate channels).

Mobile SMS

If you have an active Mobile SMS service - call 707 50 24 24 or deactivate the service at, "M Area" > Services > Deactivate Mobile SMS.

Some recommendations for your consideration

Even so, it is important to be careful, therefore we recommend:

Regularly altering your Millennium bcp access codes at M > Customise> Change Multichannel Access Code.


Calls to 707 50 24 24 are charged at a maximum of 0.10€ per minute if using a land line; if you call this number using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.25€. These charges are subject to VAT.