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Are you going to organize a dinner and each one of
your friends has to pay you a certain amount?

You went to the cinema and you owe
money to the person that paid the tickets?


Now you can pay or receive payments by transfers

using a QR Code and save time. All you have to do is:


Access "Request (QR) Transfer" in the App Millennium *;
Enter the amount;
Define the payment description for the beneficiary account;
Request the QR Code.



If you are near the person

transferring you money, you have to:


Open the latest version of the App Millennium , select "Operations" and press the button with a QR Code on the upper right corner; Then, the other person can just scan the QR code with the smartphone or tablet;

And confirm the operation.



However, if the person making the

payment is not around, you can also:


Provide the QR Code in the social networks and the transfers will be made as described in the last step.

Or send the QR Code by e-mail;
the recipient will only have to do what is described above but he/she has to upload the code to the phone by selecting the option in the lower right corner.


Transferring and receiving

money has never been

so easy and fun to do!


Transferring money using QR Code is free of charge and the pricing applied is the one currently
in force for transfers made via Internet/App Millennium .

*Tool available for:

  Apple - download here   Android - download here

AppleApple - download here


Android™Android - download here




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