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Atendimento automático

An automated phone answering service available 24 hours per day which you can use, following the voice recorded instructions, to carry out, in an easy and rapid manner, a wide set of banking operations.

Get to know the new functions of our automated phone answering system now also in English and Spanish, with the possibility of creating your favourite options menu for the operations you carry out more frequently.

After selecting the language, you will be able to choose one of the following operations and consultations:

Option Favourite Options
Option Current Accounts, Investments and Term Deposits
Option Transfers and Payments
Option Cards
Option Emergency and Security Services

Find out all the advantages of this service

We speak several languages

Overcoming challenges and crossing borders, we offer you a automated phone answering system not only in Portuguese, but also in English and Spanish (new).

We innovate

The favourite options menu enables you to define which options of the automated phone answering system you use more often. You can define up to 5 favourite operations and manage them through (new).

We clarify your doubts in anticipation

We create help menus (new) throughout the automated phone answering system in a way that enables you to clarify any doubts you may have on any specific operation you wish to do.

New remittance of e-Statements

You have the possibility of requesting that the e-statement of your current and card account be sent to you again (if you have subscribed the remittance of e-statements) (new).


Using our automated phone answering system you may alter your codes: the access code and the confirmation key (new).

Receive information in your email

Now, besides by SMS, you can request information on the balances and entries made in your current and card accounts, by e-mail (new).

We help you save

You can manage your savings (new). The Automated Phone Answering System enables you to make, increase and settle term deposits (new). In accordance with the conditions of the product you will also be able to alter its characteristics such as how the interest accrues or the automatic renewal of your savings (new). You can also register programmed deliveries to your savings account (new).

Manage permanent transfers

Apart from creating a permanent transfer (to accounts with Millennium bcp or with other banks) you can now alter or cancel those orders.

This new Automated Phone Answering System menu was created especially for you because it enables you to, in a safe manner, simplify your daily banking operations and save time to do what you like the most.

Mobile - No matter where you are, you can go to the Bank by using your mobile phone.