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Social Networks. We'll always like you.

Acknowledging the growing importance of social networks and because we want to keep up with the new ways to interact with an entire community that, based on common grounds, wishes to listen to, question or interact with us, we are already in some networks mainly to:

 Create relationships

Share values and goals

Strengthen trust and loyaltye

That's why we have another direct channel: Facebook.

Mais Millennium on Facebook

Mais Millennium is also on Facebook!

Mais Millennium 

Mais Millennium is a page where we share useful information in general regarding the family budget, provide clarifications and encourage the sharing of experiences. Here, you will also be able to find information on safety rules to be observed in online financial transactions and in the use of internet, in general.

Our desire is that the page Mais Millennium may represent a useful tool in your daily activities, able of helping you in your projects and in the planning of your budget, enabling you to meet the economic challenges that lie ahead.

Go to the page Mais Millennium and find new reasons to smile and trust in the future!

Mais Millennium on Facebook
Millennium GO! on Facebook

And, by the way, why don't you share it to your friends?

Say GO! and enjoy your life!

The page Millennium GO! is a page dedicated to all those who are aged between 18 and 25 years old and love their independence.
The best experience is sharing and being always on top of events!

Millennium GO! on Facebook
Fundação Millennium on Facebook

The Fundação Millennium bcp is also on Facebook!

Translating the Bank's culture of social responsibility, Fundação Millennium bcp represents the Bank's clear commitment to the development of the communities where it operates. This structure, with administrative and financial autonomy is able to conceive and manage a set of activities addressing previously selected areas of intervention so as to better meet the expectations and pursue a responsible social activity.

In the wake of the several activities developed by the Foundation you will find the Archaeological Nucleus of Rua dos Correeiros (NARC), an important archaeological heritage site open to the public.

Learn more about this and other projects on our Facebook page.

Fundação Millennium on Facebook