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Access codes and Security

Whenever you contact your Bank for assistance, you will have to identify yourself by providing:

  • The number of your current account and the Access Code.

Identification through the Automated Phone Answering System:

You must indicate (using the keypad) your account number and afterwards the voice recording will ask you to give the first 4 positions of your Access Code.

Identification through the Contact Manager:

However, you may wait for the contact manager (press 9) and give your identification verbally:

  • The Contact Manager will request three random positions of the seven that compose your access code.

Validate Operations

Likewise, to validate your operations, you must have your  confirmation key and the bank shall only request you to give 3 of the 7 positions.


Remember that we will never request you to give all the positions of your access or of your confirmation key!

Your access code is personal and non-transmissible!
Do not write it down anywhere!
Don't give it to third parties even if they are co-holders of your account!

If, for any reason, a third party has access to your codes, contact us so that we may act accordingly.

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