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Talking to your Bank is easy


Personal assistance

It is easy for you to talk to your Bank through the personal assistance service, available 24 hours.

This team is composed of contact managers available to help you carry out transactions, purchase products or clarify any issue concerning your relation with Millennium bcp.

How to access

  1. Contact us using the following phone numbers:

    91 827 24 24
    93 522 24 24
    96 599 24 24
    +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal and abroad).

    If you live abroad,  you can call us at the price of a local call, according to the pricing of your telecommunications operator, using the Linha Mais Portugal.

    The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.

  2. Select the language: Portuguese, English or Spanish.

  3. Choose the key 9.

Available transactions

View Balances and Transactions

Follow-up on balances and entries made in current, savings and loan accounts.

Bill Payments

Manage the monthly payments in your current account using bill payments.


Make one-off transfers, create, alter or cancel permanent transfers.

Stock Exchange Operations

Stock Exchange Operations.

Loyalty Programmes

Access or exchange points of the Loyalty Programme for vouchers.

Manage savings

Establish or manage savings.

Request cheques

Request cheques, copies of cheques or other information on cheques.

Operations with Cards

Manage or clarify your purchases, make early payments, alter the amount or type of payment, request an increase of your credit limit.

Clarifications and information

Request information related to banking or insurance products.


Act accordingly in emergency situations (loss/theft of your wallet, cards).