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Homebanking - Not a registered user yet?

How to access

To access your accounts you need a user code and a multichannel code.

I am a customer of Millennium bcp but...

  • I do not have / forgot these codes
    You can get them on the website.
  • I prefer to access with the Digital Mobile Key
    The access to the website through authentication with Digital Mobile Key requires prior subscription.
    Once you subscribe to the Digital Mobile Key, just enter the mobile phone number, the PIN of the Digital Mobile Key and the single and temporary 6-digit numeric security code sent by SMS or email.
    Whenever you choose to authenticate with the Digital Mobile Key on the Millennium bcp website, you are directed, in a secure way, to the service, where you are informed of the data requested by the Bank. By authenticating through this service you will have access to the Bank's website.
  • I have the access code but I don't have / forgot my User Code
    If you already have the access code you will only have to register.

I am not yet a customer of Millennium bcp

If you are not yet a client, open an account now and discover the advantages of being a Millennium bcp client.

5 reasons to use our website or App Millennium

  • Simple and user friendly;
  • Allows you to make all the main day-to-day- transactions;
  • It is safe;
  • It gives you access to online credit calculator and analysis of the request. If it is approved, the agreement is made online and the amount requested is credited into the current account. Valid for Clients with a risk profile matching the product;
  • Provides tools to help you track your investments.


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