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This month's pointer

Do you usually have your breakfast at a coffee shop?
Avoid doing so and you will be surprised with the amount of money you will save.
With that money, you can subscribe a savings product for your child, nephew or godchild.

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We are aware that saving is not an easy task...

Therefore, we want to help you. Read our monthly saving pointers.


Save in transportation

If you use your car to go to work and you have public transportation near your home, purchase a pass and start using public transportation.

Who knows, with the amount of money saved you may even get a new your car.

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What if you go to the supermarket and spend less than usual?

If so, don't wait for the end of the month and increase one of your savings.

Have fun! Go to the movies with Millennium bcp

Did you know that when you buy one regular-priced ticket with your Millennium bcp credit card, you will get another for the same session of the chosen movie?
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