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Scam by WhatsApp

Millennium bcp NEVER contacts the customers via WhatsApp

If you receive a contact from an (alleged) Employee of Millennium bcp via WhatsApp
NEVER access the instructions received through this channel!



In case you receive contacts from Millennium bcp via WhatsApp, or a social network:

  • NEVER supply the data of your bank card;
  • NEVER share bank access codes or authentication codes;
  • NEVER share personal/confidential information;
  • NEVER accept the instructions received;
  • NEVER access links made available to you.


Remember: The protection of your assets and of your personal data depends on you!


Please be informed that the bank only contacts its customers through the contacts made available at the opening/maintenance of the account, namely by phone contact (to the mobile number or landline number) and/or by e-mail.


We also take advantage of this opportunity to remind you that Millennium bcp:

  • DOES NOT SEND SMS with links;
  • DOES NOT SEND email messages with links;
  • DOES NOT request the full Multichannel Access Code (the 7 digits);
  • DOES NOT request the Customer’s mobile phone number;
  • DOES NOT request, by phone, the authorization codes sent by SMS;
  • DOES NOT request the installation/update of software after access;
  • NEVER requests Authorisation Codes for transactions simulation.


If you ever find something out of place or require information, please call 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24 / +351 21 005 24 24 (24H automatic and personalized service). The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your Telecommunications Operator.


Published in 19.01.2022


If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351210052424 (international call).

The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.​