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Alert - requests for mobile phone numbers

As shown in the security recommendation that we presented on the Account access page, we remind you that Millennium bcp does not request the mobile phone number to access the bank's website. 

In most recent cases, we verified that after entering the Username and three Multichannel Code positions, the clients are requested to enter the mobile phone number, with the excuse of updating personal data.



Actions such as this are clues that you have some kind of malware installed in your computer so we suggest that you keep your computer safe:

  • Install an antivirus and update it regularly. Not updating an antivirus is almost the same as not having one;
  • Use a firewall to filter Internet traffic in and out of your computer;
  • Pay attention to the security updates that credible software companies provide and install them according to the instructions given;
  • Never answer e-mails when you don't recognize the sender or the subject;
  • Never open links in e-mails when you don't recognize the sender or the subject.

Remember: your computer's protection depends on you!

You can read all the Security information available  here. ​

If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351210052424 (international call).

The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.​