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False messages using the name Millennium bcp - Do not open the links

We have been alerted that several Clients and non Clients received e-mail messages supposedly sent by Millennium bcp with the subject “Verificação de Conta (endereço de correio eletrónico", stating that the Client's electronic address has been selected for a safety checking – “selecionado para verificação de segurança”.

Example of the e-mail sent:


It represents another case of Phishing wherein when you access the link, a login page similar to the one presented by Millennium bcp but located at another websites, appears:



It requests the Username's and the filling in of personal information as well as the number of the credit card:

Código de utilizador 

Confirmação de identidade 

We recall that:

  • Millennium bcp does not send electronic messages with links;
  • Phishing aims to, abusively, steal personal data through messages that take the user to fake websites, imitating those you usually access and requesting that you enter confidential data.
  • Analyse the e-mails you receive before opening them, always confirming the source and the subject, if possible, with the issuer;
  • Avoid opening links to external websites and opening executable files;
  • Never provide personal information or data in an e-mail reply;
  • When accessing confidential access websites, check the address and make sure you are on a secure webpage (https:// + lock);
  • Install (if you haven't done so yet) an antivirus software and update it regularly.

Remember: The protection of your assets and of your computer depends on you!

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