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Fraudulent notices of pending transfers

We were informed that several customers and non-customers of Millennium bcp have been getting e-mails, supposedly sent by Millennium bcp claiming that a transfer is pending the identifications of the “número de referência de código / recibo de confirmação de envio”, i.e. tracking number / shipping reference of the post office.

This scheme targets users of online shopping/selling websites of various items (cars, smartphones, games, etc), and it aims to get the object without making the payment using the Millennium bcp brand to make the fraud appear legitimate.

Example of the e-mail received:



We would like to clarify that the purpose of the banking institutions is to act in accordance with the transfer order, and the credit of the amount cannot depend on instructions given by third parties (individuals), therefore any such request represents an attempt to commit fraud.

Therefore, and since danger will always be lurking around every inbox, we warn you once again that many of the e-mails (allegedly innocent) may be fraud attempts or even contain viruses (or other malware).

Thus, we advise you to take some precautions, of which we highlight the following:

  • Pay attention to e-mails written in Portuguese with spelling errors and bad grammar;
  • Avoid opening links to external websites and opening executable files;
  • Never provide personal information or data in an e-mail reply;
  • Install (if you haven't done so yet) an antivirus software and update it regularly.

Remember: your computer's protection depends on you!

You can read all the Security information available here.

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