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Beware of fake job offers...

Job, work or business offers made by e-mail or text messages, promising effortless fixed remunerations or commissions, may be a fraud!

Several text messages have been reported as fake job offers, such as the following example:


This message, supposedly sent by the website "Netemprego", is fake and could aim to get people to order cash transfers to another person/alleged company.

Fake job offers usually sweeten the offer with a fixed payment or commission, or both, propose that you manage funds by making bank transfers using your personal accounts and afterwards ask you to send the funds you received through fast cash remittance systems such as Western Union.

The contacts made by the employer are always made by e-mail or phone, due to the urgency of the transfers.

So as to make this scheme more credible, the supposed employers use trustworthy job websites, for the purpose of certifying the credibility of the alleged company offering the job.

Please be warned that, by carrying out these transactions, your bank account is being used for illegal purposes of transferring funds and you may be considered an accomplice in illegal activities.

Should you be faced with a situation similar to the descriptions above, we suggest the following:

  • Using a search engine, search the company's data (name, address, etc.) Many times, these are already identified on websites and blogs as fake entities;
  • Do not provide your Bank Identification Number (NIB) or International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to receive amounts you know nothing about and cannot confirm the origin of.

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