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Alert for transaction simulation pop-up - I


SMS alert with indication disabled user avoid fine

  SMS alert with indication disabled user avoid fine

Warning for “restaure sua conta” email

Warning for “restaurar a sua conta” email




New fraudulent schemes are being detected, carried out by malicious individuals trying to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) for phishing actions aimed at collecting data from users of the Bank's digital channels.

If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information please call 707 50 24 24 (personal assistance 24/7).


We remind you that MIllennium bcp:

  • DOES NOT request the installation/synchronisation of software
  • DOES NOT SEND SMS with links
  • DOES NOT SEND E-mail with links
  • DOES NOT request the full Multichannel Code (the 7 digits)
  • DOES NOT request your mobile phone number
  • DOES NOT request, by phone or by any other means, Authorisation Codes sent by SMS
  • DOES NOT simulate transactions with Clients

Previous Warnings

The protection of your assets and of your computer depends on you!

If you call 707 50 24 24 from the fixed line, it costs 0.10 € per minute, if you choose to call us from the mobile phone the maximum cost per minute will be 0.25 €. To these values is added the respective VAT.

Mobile phone: 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24
You will call from abroad: +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal and abroad)