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I thought it was part of de job

Millennium bcp has joined the campaign "European Money Mule Action" under the banner "Don't be a mule" (#dontbeamule), jointly coordinated by EUROPOL, EUROJUST, EBF - European Banking Federation, Judiciary Police and Associação de Bancos Portugueses (Portuguese Bank Association) and aims to fight and prevent the crime involving "Money Mules" by warning against earning "easy money" which is associated to money laundering and computer scams


"#EasyMoney… But at what cost?"


What is a "money mule"?

"Money Muling" (mp4)

Alert Signs

The most common techniques for recruiting a "money mule" are through email, messaging Apps, pop-up windows, social networks or even phone calls, where you are always asked for your personal bank account number to receive the amounts arising from fraud and subsequently make transfers, receiving a percentage of that traded amount as payment. This recruitment is often disguised by job ads and articles with easy money promises.

 Alert Signs


How can you protect yourself?

Never reply to messages or phone calls involving the promise of a payment in exchange for providing your bank account number nor agree to carry out bank transactions on behalf of a person or company.

Be suspicious of job ads from alleged multinationals looking to open headquarters in your home country, with promises of payments and commissions, just for a few hours of work per month and… at home!

 #EasyMoney - #DontBeaMule - #MoneyLaudering


This practice helps foster criminal activity, human trafficking or computer scams.
The consequences can be serious for you

 Money Muling is an illegal activity

 Money Muling helps perpetrate crime

 Don't be a "Money Mule"

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