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Do you consider that you are well informed and secure about how you use the Internet?

We use the internet every day, staying online all the time everywhere.

Nowadays is common to use the internet as a means for communicating, socializing, shopping and accessing the Bank.

Here we give you a few pointers to make your "surfing, using and socializing" experience into a useful, fun and, above all, safe one.


Security for children online
Help your kids use websites in a safer way...
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New Technologies and information security
New ways to access the internet, new risks. How to avoid them?
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10 commandments for safety
For a safer use of the Internet.
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Recommendations for accessing
So that you can safely enjoy the advantages of Internet Banking.
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Secure online purchases
The security of your purchases truly depends on you.
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Free Web Card
The perfect pre-paid card for secure transactions while shopping online.
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Simple, secure and universal. Secure payments online.
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3D Secure
Increased security while paying purchases online.
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Ensures total security when making financial transactions.
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For a safer and more responsible use of the Internet, read our Newsletters.
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Vídeos de Segurança
(playlist Youtube)
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Security quiz
Test your security knowledge here.
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