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New Technologies and Information Security

As novas Tecnologias e a Segurança da Informação


The continuous evolution of technology gives us access to an ever larger set of banking services and channels. Mobile services are a good example. We currently offer three services through which you can access our accounts - Millennium App, Mobile Web and Mobile SMS. As with other services, there are a number of precautions you should take to bolster data security.

Millennium App

A native software application you can install on your mobile phone. It is currently available for the following devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry, Java and Android ® Smartphones

Safety precautions:

  • Download the applications (to access the Bank) from official websites (Apple Store, Android Market) or the website. Never download apps from links provided by third-parties;
  • When asked to enter the Multichannel Access Code, you'll only be requested to key in 3 random positions; don't provide any more information if you're asked for a different number of positions of this Code.



Remember that your computer's protection depends on you!



Apple Store is Apple's Service Mark.
AndroidTM Market is a trademark and a service of Google Inc.


If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using BancoMail or, alternatively, by telephone on
707502424 / 918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351707502424 / +351210052424 (international call).

Calls to 707 50 24 24 are charged at a maximum of 0.09€ per minute if using a land line;
if you call this number using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.13€.
These charges are subject to VAT.​