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Attention to false surveys

We are warning our customers that a false survey named “Questionário Oficial Millennium bcp”, as a pop-up, has been reported after opening the address

This situation is a fraud.

Using the name Millennium bcp to make the fraud look credible, this scheme aims to get the user to subscribe to an added value service (VAS) based on sending messages, which allow you to get a text (SMS) or multimedia message (MMS) on your mobile with ring tones, games, images, horoscope, weather and traffic info, etc.

Example of the pop-up:




If you are getting value added messages (ring tones, games, images, warnings, etc.) and you intend to make a complaint, you should know that the communications authority, ANACOM, requires some data to analyse this situation.

You complaint can be made by calling 800 206 665 (free), by e-mail to, or using the complaint form available online at, for any of these channels you must state:

  • Who is your mobile phone operator;
  • If this is a service that implies getting more than one message periodically or continuously, state if you asked your mobile phone operator to unblock your phone and when the operator did so;
  • The mobile phone number which received or still receives the messages;
  • The VAS provider that sends the messages (if you don't know its name, state the number of the sender - a number starting with ''6'').

You should also provide proof that you were charged for a VAS, for instance the invoice or a print of the e-invoice. If you have none of these documents to use as evidence, you can ask to appear before ANACOM and show that you received the VAS on your mobile phone, stating how much you were charged for it.


Remember: The protection of your assets and of your computer depends on you!

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please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
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