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Help us reducing phishing! 

Help us reducing phishing by forwarding to us suspicious e-mail messages!

Did you receive a suspicious e-mail message? Were you able to confirm that the e-mail message is indeed a fraud?

If you answered yes to the 2 questions above… Remain calm!

Receiving a fraudulent e-mail does not represent a risk provided that you do not execute what is required therein and delete it immediately.

To speed up the identification of malicious software able of interfering with the website and help reducing phishing, we created the mailbox so that you may forward us the suspicious/fraudulent emails you receive.

Please note that the e-mail messages sent to this mailbox will not be object of a reply. However, all information provided by you will be duly analysed and, in case it names Millennium bcp or interferes with the safety of our website it will be published at Security Warnings as an alert.

Therefore, if you opened the links or the files attached to the suspicious message please call immediately our helpdesk (+351 707 50 24 24 and +351 21 005 24 24).

Thank you so much for your help!.

If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using BancoMail or, alternatively, by telephone on
707502424 / 918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351707502424 / +351210052424 (international call).

Calls to 707 50 24 24 are charged at a maximum of 0.09€ per minute if using a land line;
if you call this number using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.13€.
These charges are subject to VAT.​