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Warning - Fraudulent requests for data when accessing accounts

Please be warned that there are irregular situations involving requests for the Multichannel Code and additional data to clients.

After the User Code is introduced, a webpage opens and requests that you enter 4 random Multichannel Code positions. Afterwards, the remaining 3 Code positions are also requested.

In addition it requests data such as your mobile phone operating system/number.

We remind you once again that Millennium bcp's website is accessed using a Username and three random positions of the Multichannel Code and that Millennium bcp never requests any data concerning the Client's mobile phone, therefore any such request is a fraud attempt.

Phishing Example:





We remind you once again:

Never open the Millennium bcp Portal through LINKS in messages, search engines or even through the option "Favourites". Always type the complete address

Phishing aims to, abusively, steal personal data through messages that take the user to fake websites, imitating those you usually access and requesting that you enter confidential data.

Remember: your computer's protection depends on you!

You can read all the Security information available here.

If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
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or +351210052424 (international call).

The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.​