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Solução Mais Portugal

Integrated solution for banking
products and services.
Feel closer to Portugal even when
you are far away.


With the Solução Mais Portugal you may accede unique conditions that will help you in the daily management of your account.

Wherever you are, Millennium bcp is with you.

Fees and Commissions

Our Solução Mais Portugal has a membership monthly package-account maintenance fee of 8€ (plus Stamp Duty).

Clients who open and monthly increase, minimum of 100€ the balance of Poupança Reforço or Poupança Aforro may enjoy 50%, by paying a monthly package account maintenance fee of 4€ per month.

Extra charges may apply if you use related products and services.

If new customer the minimum account opening amount is 250€.

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Current Account

The associated account will be exempt from maintenance fee. Exemption corresponding to a maximum amount of 5.20 € /month (plus Stamp tax).

Credit and MB WAY Transfers

Exemption from the payment of fees for credit and MB WAY Transfers:

In SEPA credit transfers + and SEPA Standing orders + in Euros (not urgent), to countries that are SEPA members (27 countries of the European Union, the 3 in the EEA (European Economic Area) outside the European Union - Iceland , Norway and Liechtenstein - plus Switzerland, Monaco, S. Marino, Andorra, Vatican and United Kingdom) or Currencies covered by Regulation (EC) No. 924/2009 (Euros, Swedish Kronor and Romanian Lei), provided that the order indicates the BIN, or IBAN (depending on the channel where the transfer order is made), and made through automated channels (ATM, Millennium bcp internal self-banking machines, Automated phone answering system (VRS), Millennium App and in by debit of the associated account, in an unlimited number, subject to the specific limits of each channel and up to the maximum amount of € 99,999.99 per transaction (or counter value if in Swedish Krona or Romanian Lei). Represents a saving of € 1.00 per transfer.

In MB WAY Transfers made in the Millennium App and MB WAY App, by debit of the associated account. Represents savings of € 0.50 and € 1.20 per transfer, respectively.

Transfers subject to the specific daily limits of each channel.


Exemption from the payment of requisition expenses and delivery of up to 2 groups of 5 crossed non-endorsable cheques, per year, through the Self Banking internal ATM network of Millennium bcp, corresponding to the value of 6.25 €/ group. Each cheque issued is subject to stamp tax.
Subject to credit assessment.

Debit Card

2 Mastercard Débito cards, free of annual fees worth 19.50 € each (plus Stamp Tax).

Credit Card - 12.7% TAEG

Includes 2 credit cards Classic free from annual fees, in the amount of 10 € each plus stamp tax: 12.7% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 9.800% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a 1,500 € credit paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interests and expenses.

The subscription is subject to Millennium bcp's risk analysis and credit assessment.

Cards - Exempted from Fees in Transactions made Abroad

Transactions made abroad, in countries and in currencies not ruled by EU Regulation 924/2009, are subject to the following fees:

  • ISF - International Servicing Fee: 3% on the amount of the purchase (plus Stamp tax)
  • Withdrawals using a debit card: 4.00 € + 0.50% + 3% (plus stamp tax)

The Holders of cards part of the Mais Portugal Solution are exempt from those fees in transactions made in their country of residence.

European countries where Regulation (EC) 924/2009 applies: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Currencies included: Euro, Swedish Krona and Romanian Leu.

Home Medical Emergency Insurance and Repatriation in case of Death

Increased safety in Portugal. This Solution includes a Home Medical Emergency Insurance in Portugal that covers the holder, spouse or equivalent, and economically dependent children that live at the same address and in Portugal, are single and under 24 year old). This insurance provides you, in medical emergency situations during your stay in Portugal, with home medical assistance, namely medical house calls, transportation by an ambulance and a baby-sitting service, among other. The home medical emergency insurance is limited to three calls per year. The urgent medical assistance service requires the copayment of 10 € per call and may be requested by calling 210 347 933 on business days from 20:00 to 07:00 and Saturdays, Sundays and holydays from 00:00 to 24:00). The Insurance is valid in Portugal, exception made to the Azores where the cover will only be valid in the island of São Miguel.

In the context of the pandemic declared by the WHO and the evolution of the epidemiological scenario of Covid-19, home visits made by a physician are "suspended" and, alternatively, are carried out by video-appointment (every day, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or tele-appointment (during the remaining hours). This service has national coverage and is available through the number 210 347 940.

How does it work?
1. The customer contacts the Insurance Services and informs if he/she wishes to make a telephone or video appointment, indicating a telephone contact or email address;
2. he customer will then receive a telephone contact or a link in the email to access the Video Call.

The Solução Mais Portugal includes an insurance that ensures, in case of death by accident abroad, the repatriation of the first holder of the solution up to a limit of 5,000 €.

Homin Insurance

Reinforce the protection of your home in Portugal, with a 5% discount on the Building and / or Home furniture base coverages (during the first year of the contract).


Free of charge, this service allows you to access the Bank via phone (Distance Sales and Phone Banking), via the website of Millennium bcp and via your mobile phone or Smartphone (Mobile Banking). Through these channels you will be able to, in a very simple and safe manner, carry out transactions using all your accounts with Millennium bcp, without the need to go to your Millennium bcp Branch in Portugal.

How to subscribe

Submit here your subscription request or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

For further information, please call 707 50 24 24* (Personal Assistance 24/7).

* Calls using a landline are charged at a maximum of 0.10 € per minute, plus VAT; if you call us using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.25 €, plus VAT.

The acceptance of this subscription depends on the observance of the subscription criteria defined for each Solution.

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