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Vantagem Ordenado

Here I can achieve more, with my salary.


If you receive your wage through Millennium bcp, you will have access to a set of advantages that will help you manage your monthly budget.
Transfer your salary to Millennium bcp and learn how it can get into your account with many advantages in tow!

Fees and Commissions

The product Vantagem Ordenado does not have subscription costs and no related management fee.


Current Account

Access to the exemption from the current account maintenance fee (exemption corresponding to a maximum value of 5.20 €/month, plus Stamp tax) in the current account where you receive your wage, social security benefits or your retirement pension (by means of a banking transfer duly codified at origin with ISO code "SALA", " SSBE" or "PENS" respectively), if you comply with the following requisites:

  • Monthly salary ≥ 750 €;
  • Monthly invoicing ≥150 € in debit and/or credit cards (purchases using POS).

Customer 1st holder with an age equal to or below 23 years old is exempt from the payment of the maintenance fee of the current account.

Note: purchases made with debit and / or credit cards associated with the current account will be considered, with the exception of prepaid meal card Sodexo Refeição Pass. Payments for services/purchases with entity and reference, payments to the State and Social Security, Via Verde, tolls and other low value payments are not considered as purchases.

Credit Salary Advantage - 12.8% TAEG

Advance, on the first day of each month, of up to 100% of your salary or pension received in your Millennium bcp account.

For an amount of 1,500€ for 90 days at a 11.600% TAN (Annual Nominal Rate), the interests will amount to 43.50€ plus 1.74€ of stamp tax, corresponding to a 12.8% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate). Exemption of tax stamp for the use of the credit up to the amount of the monthly wage credited in your account. Subject to credit assessmen.

The transfer of the salary does not imply or assume the subscription of any overdraft facility or of any similar credit operation.

  • The maximum amount of the Credit Salary Advantage will be, on the 1st of each month, equal to the monthly average of the amounts credited to the Current Account, in the two preceding months, as wage/pension.
  • If, in the month immediately preceding, there is no credit for any amounts in the form of wage/pension, the maximum amount of the Credit Salary Advantage will be 75% of the amount determined in accordance with the provisions set forth above;
  • If, during 2 consecutive months, the processing of properly coded transfers of wages/pensions is not verified, no credit captive is generated, so you will not have access to salary/pension advance.

Subject to credit assessment.

Poupança Ordenado

And because it is important to save to unexpected events that may occur in your life, from 25€ per month you can start the Poupança Ordenado.

Discounts on Solutions Millennium Go! and Cliente Frequente

Millennium GO!

with discount if you also subscribe the e-statement. It is an integrated solution of bank products and services addressed to young people aged from 18 to 30 years old. The monthly management fee only amounts to 1€/month (plus Stamp tax). Otherwise, you will have to pay a 3.5€ monthly fee (plus Stamp Tax).

Cliente Frequente

Access to the Integrated Solution for Bank Products and Services Cliente Frequente with reduction in the monthly management fee:


Reduced fee Required conditions
4.5€ ​/ month If in addition to receiving your wage/pension through Millennium bcp of a monthly value equal to or greater than€ 500, make purchases (at POS) with debit and/or credit cards, linked to the current account, with a monthly value equal to or greater than 150€.
6€ / month Provided that you receive your wage/pension amounting to 500€ or more through Millennium bcp.

If you do not receive your salary through Millennium bcp the monthly management fee is 8€. 

All the fees indicated are also subject to Stamp Tax.

Customers who subscribe to the Solution on the website by June 30, 2021 will also be able to benefit from 1 € of monthly account maintenance fee for 3 months.

Salary Protection Insurance Plan

An insurance that gives you an increased financial comfort and well-being in your most difficult times, such as the loss of the remuneration framed within the foreseen situations covered.


  • Absolute Temporary disability for work due to Illness or Accident;
  • Involuntary unemployment;
  • Death or Permanent disability for work due to Accident.


  • Payment until 6 months per incident for the covers Absolute Temporary disability for work due to Illness or Accident and Involuntary unemployment, of 30% of net salary with a maximum of€700 per month (accrues to the Social Security payments);
  • In case of Death or Permanent disability for work due to Accident, indemnity payment corresponding to 12 times the monthly net salary.

A premium adapted to your remuneration

The Insurance Premium is paid every month and is computed based on the net remuneration credited in the current account.

Example:€10.98/per month for a Client with a monthly wage of€600.€5.38 (cost of the policy including legal charges) will be added to the first payment.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.


How to apply

Salary Advantage

To receive your salary in an account opened with Millennium bcp all you have to do is give your BIN to your employer. To do so, you only have to print the IBAN receipt with your name and deliver it to the company - download it here.

For further information please go to a Millennium bcp Branch or call 707 50 24 24 (Personal Assistance 24/7).

* Calls using a landline are charged at a maximum of 0.10€ per minute, plus VAT; if you use a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.25€, plus VAT.

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