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Certain events, like losing your job, may have a negative impact on your life. A job is usually the greatest source of family income, and gives us a feeling of well-being, security, contributing to our self-esteem. Here is some advice that may help you overcome this difficult period.

  1. Make a daily calendar with your priorities;
  2. Revise your family budget and and try to avoid expenses that might be unnecessary;
  3. Broaden your network of contacts, as these might help you find a new job (social networks like facebook or twitter are good possibilities);
  4. Update your CV. It will be useful to apply for a new job.

Be aware of the terms of termination on your employment contract. If it is a friendly termination, get letters of recommendation and documents related to projects where you have worked, as they will be important for a future job.

Find out more about your rights.

If it's taking too long to find a job, you can always opt for temporary work. The advantage is that, when you opt for a temporary job and a vacancy opens in that company, you might actually find a full-time job.