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Move to Digital. Save time, space and money!

Being a Digital Client means:

Computador Managing your accounts through Email Receiving your account statement in your inbox in the beginning of each month





App Having your Bank at hand's reach with
Millennium App
Folha Being green, reducing the use of paper and the number of times you go to your Bank



Nothing but benefits. Register with and get the e-Statement:
practical, free of charge and safe and gives you access to the Bank anytime, anywhere.


Register on the website


Request your Multichannel Access Code here, in one of our Branches in Portugal, Representation Offices or Partner Banks.


Afterwards, define a User Code, with 6 to 10 characters, at the moment of Registration.

From that moment onwards you will be able to make transfers, payments and other transactions or view your debit/credit entries and assets. Provides financial data and tools that will help you monitor your investments.



Subscribe to the e-Statement offers you a service that enables you to
view the e-Statement online and to receive it in your inbox
with total privacy and security.


+ Easier
Get your e-Statements directly in your inbox, save them in your computer instead of taking space at home.

+ Swifter
You will get your Statements sooner than you would in paper by mail.

+ Greener
No paper, more environmentally friendly.


To subscribe to the E-Statement on


Click on the option "Accounts" after login.


Then select "e-Documents" and "Apply".


In case you wish to receive the documents also by email please select "Send by e-mail".


Subscribe to this service now and take advantage of all it has to offer!



How to access Millennium App

Install also the Millennium App and keep the Bank
always close to you in Portugal or abroad.

To install the Millennium App go to the store of your device,
search "millennium bcp", download free of charge and install the App:



Choose your PIN to open the App and confirm it


Enter the User Code and the 3 random positions of your Multichannel Access Code to be able to receive the SMS


Enter the code received by SMS and confirm the operation with the 3 requested digits of the Multichannel Access Code

As of this moment, you will only be required to enter the PIN chosen and the Multichannel Access Code to confirm operations that so require