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Solução Mais Portugal

Integrated package of banking products and services for a single monthly value, significantly lower than what you'd pay if you took them out individually.

Access a set of advantages for 8 €/month (plus Stamp Duty) or 4 €/month (plus Stamp Duty) - must hold a monthly average of at least 35.000 € at Millennium bcp and have joined Online Statements.

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Portugal Crescente - Term Deposit

We all aspire to watch what is ours growing. With your future in mind, Millennium bcp created the Portugal Crescente Term Deposit to ensure that your savings grow every year.
The Portugal Crescente Term Deposit is a term deposit in Euros or USD, with annual payment of interests and growing rates (TANB) for 3 years.

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Transfers - Quick Transfer Service

Send money to Portugal easily, conveniently, and without costs from Germany, the US, UK or Switzerland (provided it is paid into Millennium bcp accounts held in Portugal).

Service also available for transfers from Canada, France and Luxembourg (see the local price list).


So you can use the amounts available in your accounts. Subject to credit assessment and to the pricing in effect .

Pay bills with no costs

From your current account and without any additional costs, automatically pay your utility bills: water, electricity, gas, telephone, condominium, cable TV, tuition, etc.

Paying pension contributions to Portugal

Receive your pension scheme or retirement pension income in a convenient, swift and secure manner. Simply pay your contributions into Millennium bcp.


Use your account in Portugal with your debit or credit cards.


So that you can feel that your home in Portugal is secure, protect the building and its contents with the Home Protection + Insurance. And, since good drivers deserve a good insurance, with Móbis you will find 3 protection levels for you and your car (with a Portuguese license plate and usually parked in Portugal).
The information on insurances does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Combined Statement

View your monthly balances and transactions for all your current and savings accounts, securities portfolio, loans and cards on a single, combined statement. All information on all your assets available on a single document.

Get your Combined Statement and Transaction Details in digital format instead of in paper.

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Access your Bank

You can access your Bank around the clock, 7 days per week, via the Millennium bcp website or phone. All you need is your Access Code.

For further information, please visit a branch in Portugal, or call us on 707 50 24 24 (24/7 Helpdesk) if in Portugal or +351 21 005 24 24 if overseas.