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Portuguese Register and Notary General Office

Find out what documents you need to obtain an ID card. Request a birth, marriage or death certificate online. How to request a land or company registry certificate online.

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Portuguese Tourism Office

Website that provides support for tourists, consumers and business people on matters such as complaints, information for tourists regarding their rights, consumer support, etc.


Portuguese Foreign Office (MNE)

Here you may find useful information on diplomatic missions abroad and foreign embassies in Portugal.

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Portuguese Consular Offices

Find out where all the Portuguese consular offices are and register with a virtual consular office, an online system that offers a set of services and information that only used to be available at local offices and branches.

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Portuguese Statistical Office

Now that you're living abroad, keep track of Portuguese growth and development. Know how many we are, what we do, how much we make, how we live, etc.

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ICEP (Portuguese Investment, Trade and Tourism Board)

Information for Portuguese companies and a Guide for Investing in Portugal. World markets, business opportunities, international clients. Data on Portuguese products and services. Fairs and Events in Portugal. International legislation and commerce. Regulations.


Portuguese Public Administration website

Find here all the information you need to know about Portuguese Public Administration: Tax, Housing, Social Security, Legislation, etc.

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Citizen's Portal

The Citizen's Portal brings together in a single place a set of public services and information, making your life simpler and giving you back an increasingly valuable asset: time.

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State Secretary for the Portuguese Communities

Website with various information on Support Frameworks for Portuguese Communities around the World (includes information on Consular Services - names, places and opening hours; Communities and Associations).

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Portuguese Information Service

Find here Portuguese and international phone prefixes as well as the new postal codes. Search by name or address.

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