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Programa Prestige

Integrated solution for banking products and services.



1€ account maintenance fee monthly package for 3 months 

1€ account maintenance fee monthly package for 3 months

For Clients subscribing the solution at the website until March 31, 2022.

To have the Programa Prestige is to have an exclusive and personalized monitoring in your daily life; a set of distinctive products designed exclusively for you and your family and exclusive services that allow you to manage your assets.

You have access to a custom manager, a reliable dedicated professional and always available and the tool that provides you with an integrated view of your assets and helps you plan your future investments.​

Fees and Commissions

The Prestige Programme implies a monthly package-account maintenance fee of 4.5 €, 6 € or 15 € depending on the Client's age and financial involvement with the Bank.

Decrease your fee by increasing your relationship with Millennium!


  Fees: 6 € Fees: 4,5 €
Age Financial
Assets (€)
Wage (€) Financial Assets (€)
Wage (€)
Financial Assets (€)
Card charges (€)
≥ 45 ≥ 50,000 € ≥ 2,500 € ≥ 50,000 € +
≥ 500 €
≥ 50,000 € +
≥ 500 €
≥ 35 < 45 ≥ 35,000 € ≥ 2,000 € ≥ 35,000 € +
≥ 500 €
≥ 35,000 € +
≥ 500 €
≥ 18 < 35 ≥ 20,000 € ≥ 1,500 € ≥ 20,000 € +
≥ 500 €
≥ 20,000 € +
≥ 500 €

If the conditions for access to the discount are not met, the monthly package account maintenance fee of 15€ shall apply.
All the fees indicated are subject to Stamp Tax, at the legally rate in effect.

If you are a new customer the minimum amount to open an account is 250€.


Debit Card

2 Prestige Débito exempt from the payment of the annual fee, corresponding to 20 € for the primary cardholder and 20 € for additional holders.

Credit Card - 15.7% TAEG

Includes 2 credit cards Prestige, free from annual fees, in the amount of 50 € each plus stamp tax.

Credit Prestige Card: 15.7% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 10.500% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a 2,500 € credit paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interests and expenses.

Subject to credit decision.

Pre-Paid Card

Request a Free Web Card or a Junior Free Card and be exempted from paying the utilization fee amounting to 10 € e 5 € respectively, provided that the card is associated to the current deposits account of the Prestige Program.


Exemption from the payment of requisition and delivery expenses of up to 1 group of 5 crossed non-endorsable cheques, per month, through the Self-Banking of Millennium bcp, corresponding to the value of € 7.25 per group.

Each cheque issued is subject to stamp tax, in the amount of 5 cents.

Subject to credit decision.

Credit and MB WAY Transfers

Exemption from payment of commissions on Credit Transfers and MB WAY carried out on the Millennium App:

  • In SEPA + Credit Transfers and SEPA + Standing Order, in Euros (non-urgent), destined for countries adhering to SEPA (27 EU countries, the three three from the EEA (European Economic Area) outside the European Union - Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein - plus Switzerland, Monaco, S. Marino, Andorra, Vatican and United Kingdom) or Currencies covered by Regulation (EC) No. 924/2009 (Euros, Swedish Krona and Romanian Leu) as long as ordered with indication the NIB, or the IBAN (depending on the transfer order reception channel), and carried out using automatic channels (ATM, Millennium bcp internal self-banking machines, automated telephone service (VRS), Millennium App and at www, by debit of the adherent account, in unlimited number, subject to the specific limits of each channel and up to a maximum value of € 99,999.99 per transaction (or equivalent if in Swedish Krona or Romanian Leu). It corresponds to a value of € 1.10 per transfer.
  • Exemption from payment of MB WAY Transfer fees made on the Millennium App, in the amount of 0.1% or 0.2% of the transfer amount, depending on ordered from a debit or credit card respectively, even for operations over €30 or a total of €150 or 25 transfers per month.
Prestige Insurance

This integrated solution includes four insurance policies to guarantee the safety of what you value most:

  • Family Civil Liability Insurance
    With a maximum capital of 150,000 € per annuity and one sub-limit of 25,000 € per claim.
  • Home Medical Emergency Insurance
    For the primary holder of the Programa Prestige demand deposit account and his/her household (valid nationwide, with the exception of the Azores where coverage is limited to São Miguel Island. Use requires a co-payment of 10 € per visit).
  • Laptop Robbery Insurance
    For the primary holder of the Programa Prestige demand deposit account, with a capital of 600 € maximum per year.
  • IT Electronic Equipment Multi-risk Insurance
    For the primary holder of the Programa Prestige demand deposit account.
Insurance discount
Médis Health Insurance and
Médis Dental
Exemption from the 12th and 24th monthly fees.
Personal Accidents (except Travel Protection - Day to Day Option): Exemption from the 12th monthly fee (1st year) + Home Health Care Pack (with 1 year of use).
Homin Exemption from the 12th monthly fee (1st year) in the base coverage of Building and / or Recheio and from the 1st annuity of the "Domestic Emergency" coverage.
Móbis 7% discount on the 1st year.
Domestic Workers Protection
Weapons and Hunting Protection
Recreational Nautical Protection
Vantagem Família

These accounts have the following benefits:

  • Commission-free Standard Account Maintenance corresponding to a maximum value of 5.20 €/month (except for associated accounts classified as Minimum Banking Services Accounts, Private Recheio Accounts or Programa Prestige accounts.
  • Internal transfers between Programa Prestige demand deposit accounts and associated accounts are exempt from the payment of the commission provided for in the price list, regardless of the channel used.

Preferred conditions on credit, insurance, integrated solutions and savings.

Exclusive for accounts in Euros.

Renting Safety deposit Boxes

20% reduction in the amount of commission for an annual rental fee (corresponding to a maximum of 25 € per year).

Services (Personal Manager and Dossier Prestige)
  • The Programa Prestige gives you a professional manager for personalized monitoring: a Manager that knows you and ensures the management of your banking relationship with Millennium bcp. This professional will carry out your investment decisions, making the management of your assets more efficient and simpler.
  • The Dossier Prestige allows you to have detailed access to information about your demand deposit account and related products, including, if applicable, information on your investment portfolio, distribution of investments by asset classes and maturity dates. This tool provides you with an integrated view of your assets and helps you plan your future investments.
Millennium App and MTrader App

Manage your accounts with the Millennium App and do not miss investment opportunities with the MTrader App.
Available for Apple and Android™.

  • Millennium App
    Through the Millennium App you will be able to access your accounts and transact financial assets in a simple, fast and secure way.

  • MTrader App
    It allows access to the securities portfolio, to carry out buying and selling operations on the stock exchange and to read the main news of the day and do research. You may also simulate the management of a fictitious stock portfolio, allowing you to check your investor ability through the Virtual Portfolio.

Apple and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries. Apple Watch needs at least an iPhone 5.
Android and Google Play Store are a registered trademark of Google Inc.

How to subscribe

Subscribe here or go to one of our Millennium bcp branches.

If you are not yet a customer of Millennium bcp, please find out here what you must do to become one.

For further information, please call 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24 / +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad)* - Personal Assistance 24/7.

* Calls using a landline are charged at a maximum of 0.10€ per minute, plus VAT; if you call us using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.25€, plus VAT.

The acceptance of this subscription depends on the observance of the subscription criteria defined for each Solution.


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