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For only 1€/ month! If you are between 18 and 30 years old, life really starts now. And because you are a Client of Millennium bcp, you get loads of advantages. For only 1€/month, if you receive a salary of 500€ or more in a Millennium bcp account and if you subscribe to the e-statements (otherwise you will have to pay a monthly package-account maintenance fee of 3.5€) Millennium GO! takes you further into your new life and gives you everything you need for the future. All the fees indicated are subject to Stamp Tax.

Because the conquest of your independence starts with Millennium. Get ready to go even further.

Subscribe to Millennium GO! and you will also get advantages with a large number of partners.​

Fees and Commissions

Subscribing to Millennium GO! implies the payment of a monthly management fee of 1€/month (+ Stamp Tax) if you receive a salary of 500€ or more in a Millennium bcp account and if you subscribe to the e-statements, otherwise the package-account maintenance fee will amount to 3.5€/month (+ Stamp Tax).

If new customer the minimum account opening amount is 250€.

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Current account

By subscribing to the Millennium GO!, the associated account will be exempt from maintenance fee. Exemption corresponding to a maximum amount of 5.20 €/month (+ Stamp duty).

Credit and MB WAY Transfers

Exemption from the payment of fees for credit and MB WAY Transfers:

  • In SEPA credit transfers + and SEPA Standing orders + in Euros (not urgent), to countries that are SEPA members (27 countries of the European Union, the 3 in the EEA (European Economic Area) outside the European Union - Iceland , Norway and Liechtenstein - plus Switzerland, Monaco, S. Marino, Andorra, Vatican and United Kingdom) or Currencies covered by Regulation (EC) No. 924/2009 (Euros, Swedish Kronor and Romanian Lei), provided that the order indicates the BIN, or IBAN (depending on the channel where the transfer order is made), and made through automated channels (ATM, Millennium bcp internal self-banking machines, Automated phone answering system (VRS), Millennium App and in by debit of the associated account, in an unlimited number, subject to the specific limits of each channel and up to the maximum amount of € 99,999.99 per transaction (or counter value if in Swedish Krona or Romanian Lei). Represents a saving of € 1.00 per transfer.
  • In MB WAY Transfers made in the Millennium App and MB WAY App, by debit of the associated account. Represents savings of € 0.50 and € 1.20 per transfer, respectively.

Exemption from the payment of requisition and delivery expenses of up to 1 group of 5 crossed non-endorsable cheques, per month, through the Self-Banking of Millennium bcp, corresponding to the value of 6.25 € per group.

Each cheque issued is subject to stamp tax, in the amount of 5 cents.

Subject to credit decision.

Debit Card

Millennium GO! Includes one Mastercard Débito GO! card, free of annual fees to use the associated account. Exemption from annual fee corresponding to the amount of 18 € (plus Stamp tax).

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Credit Card - 15.3% TAEG

Possibility of having 1 GO! credit card, 15.3% TAEG - Global Annual Effective Rate and 14.000% TAN - Annual Nominal Rate for a 1,500 € credit paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interests and expenses.

The subscription is subject to Millennium bcp's risk analysis and credit assessment.

Car Leasing - 3.5% TAEG

50% reduction in the file fee in Leasing operations with indexed rate and exclusively for new vehicles.

3.5% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) for a loan amounting to 18,000€ in Leasing, (PVP 22.500€ with an initial payment of 20%), in 84 months, residual value of 10% and a monthly payment of 214.57€. Nominal rate of 2.835%, having as reference the 12 Months Euribor, 360 days (simple arithmetic average of the daily quotations of September 2020 -0.415%, rounded to three decimal places, plus a 3.250% spread - spread defined in view of the Customers' risk profile, initial payment and term of the operation). The total amount charged to the Client is 25,036.65€. It includes setup fee (100€) , processing fee (2.75€/monthly), end of contract fee (60€), interests and value added taxes on instalments and fees. Conditions valid until December 31.

Subject to credit risk assessment.

Family Civil Liability Insurance

Millennium GO! includes a Family Civil Liability Insurance that comprises its holder and members of his/her family (spouse or partner in a civil union, aged between 18 and 25 years old, inclusively, and economically dependent children that live at the same address). This insurance covers a maximum capital of 150,000 € per annuity, with a sub-limit of 25,000 € per injured individual.

Robbery insurance

Millennium GO! It includes a Robbery Insurance that protects you from losses or damages caused to the insured assets due to a robbery inflicted to the insured individual, with violence or threat that endangers his/her life or physical integrity.
The indemnities due under this cover cannot exceed 650 € per event and 1,000 € in total for all the events occurred during each year of insurance.


Millennium bcp provides you with the possibility of receiving your e-statements in your inbox and consult them online at with total privacy and safety: all you have to do is to provide your e-mail address and you will be able to receive your e-statements every month directly in your e-mail and save them in your computer instead of paper.

Millennium Mobile

The Millennium App is available for Apple and Android™ phones and for Apple Watch. In it, you will find all the tools you need to manage your financial affairs, right where you are. Download and install the Millennium App for free right now and next time you need to go to the Bank, just sit back and open the app.
But there is more. If you go to on your smartphone or tablet, the website will adjust to your screen through the Mobile Web service. An intuitive interface adjusted to the screens you use the most every day.

Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries. Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5 or a newer model.
Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Monthly Management Fee

The subscription of Millennium GO! implies the payment of a monthly management fee of 3.5 €/ month (+ Stamp duty). You may benefit from a discount in the monthly management fee, since Clients that receive a salary amounting to 500 € or more, in an account with Millennium bcp, will only pay 1 €/month (+ stamp duty) if they subscribe to e-statements.

How to subscribe

Submit here your subscription request or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

For further information, please call 707 50 24 24* (Personal Assistance 24/7).

* Calls using a landline are charged at a maximum of 0.10 € per minute, plus VAT; if you call us using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.25 €, plus VAT.

The acceptance of this subscription depends on the observance of the subscription criteria defined for each Solution.


GO! Partners

Millennium GO! selected a number of partners that will provide you with several tools to help you to enjoy your day the best way possible. All you have to do is present your GO! debit card and you will have access to everything our partners reserved for you.

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