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Investment Model - What makes us different

The Private Banker

The Private Banker gives you a personalized and ongoing assistance, identifying your needs in accordance with your different stages in life, the goals you intend to achieve and your social and professional characteristics.

The combination of all the factors mentioned above results in an Investment Profile that will serve as a base for the decisions made concerning your financial assets.

The quality of the service provided by the Private Bankers is enhanced by the rigorous process of Certification of Technical Knowledge which they go through, lectured by the Portuguese Bank Management School (Instituto Superior de Gestão Bancária). At the same time, external and internal training ensure that their technical knowledge is always up-to-date.

The Investment Advisors

The Investment Advisors, using their deep knowledge of the markets and financial products, are able to assist the Private Bankers in the selection of your investment solutions.

The partnership established between the Private Banking and the Wealth Management Unit aims at the design of an efficient and tailored Portfolio.

The Advising Model

A fundamental part of our Value Proposal, this model stands out for privileging your investment goals instead of targeting only the product.

The process means developing a team work that will involve you, the Private Banker and the Investment Advisor, bearing in mind the centralization in a single competence unit (Wealth Management Unit) adjusted to your current conditions and profile, to monitor deviations observed in your portfolio versus the recommended models.

The Customer Profile, the knowledge that the Private Banker has of it and the expertise that the Investment Advisor has on markets and financial instruments result in solutions, using adequate financial instruments, that comply with the Bank's values and meet your interests at each particular moment.

Investment Model