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Investment Profile - A different way to decide

Investor Profile

Your investment profile is determined by using pre-defined parameters that match your risk tolerance degree, the goals you intend to reach and respective timeframe. To each risk profile and yield expectations corresponds a Model Portfolio which is structured based on four types of assets (Liquidity and Short-Term, Bonds, Equities and Alternative Investments). This Model Portfolio is managed in accordance with the maximum and minimum exposure parameters defined for each type of assets.

  Objective Timeframe Allocations/Benchmark
Preservation Liquidity and capital preservation 2 to 3 years graphic
Income Income and capital preservation 3 to 4 years graphic
Income &
Income and capital growth 4 to 5 years graphic
Growth Capital growth 5 to 6 years graphic
Maximize capital growth for more than 6 years graphic

Short term: Current Deposits, Term Deposits and treasury funds.

Bonds and similar products: Fixed Rate and Floating Rate Bonds, Preferential Shares, Bonds Funds, Interest rate and credit Structured Products, Participation Units, Insurance linked to investment funds (Unit Linked) with investments in bonds and similar and Capitalization /Savings Insurances with a guaranteed rate.

Equities: Shares, Stock Funds, Certificates issued on Indexes, Warrants and Shares Structured Products.

Alternative products: Hedge Funds, Certificates issued on Hedge Funds, Insurances linked to investment funds (Unit Linked) with mixed investments in shares and bonds, Capitalization/Savings Insurances with participation in the results of autonomous funds, Real Estate and Mixed Funds and also Structured Products linked to inflation or commodities.