Conditions for the provision of information and services by millenniumbcp.pt

Without damaging the specific conditions for the provision of banking services by Group Banco Comercial Português, hereinafter referred to as Millennium bcp, and the terms and conditions stated in the documents for each specific case and accepted by the Client, the access and use of information and services of the homebanking channel (www.millenniumbcp.pt) and of the remaining available remote channels - Mobile Web (http://m.millenniumbcp.pt), SMS and Apps for tablets, smartphones and mobile phones -, together hereinafter referred to as "remote channels" are subject to the following general conditions:

1. The analyses, estimations, projections, opinions, comments and other information transmitted by remote channels are solely disclosed as a mere information tool and private and cannot be used to trigger or justify any action or omission nor as grounds for any operation, or replace the users' own judgement or the use of advisers or specialists on the issue in question. Therefore, the users are fully responsible for their acts and omissions.

2. Tax information is solely meant for private use as additional information and does not replace the consultation of experts, lawyers and official entities to solve any particular issue. Millennium bcp does not guarantee that such information is accurate and up-to-date and waives all liability for how such information is used.

3. The information relating to legal requirements and legal issues was obtained from sources deemed reliable and competent. However, Millennium bcp does not guarantee its accuracy nor that the same is up-to-date.

4. Information relating to securities cannot be construed as recommendation or advice to sell, except if this is expressly stated, and never dispenses with the consultation of all legally mandatory documents before the execution of the operations by the users. Specifically, information on mutual funds does not dispense with the consultation of the prospectus and of the fund's management regulations. Information on securities traded in secondary markets does not dispense with the consultation of the periodical mandatory information thereon and of the prospectus, where one is mandatory.

5. Liability for all contents provided by duly identified parties other than Millennium bcp falls exclusively to those parties. Millennium bcp selects content providers that are highly reliable and have great credibility but it does not guarantee that such contents are accurate and up-to-date.

6. All services provided by duly identified parties other than Millennium bcp, even if the contact established between these parties and the users has been, to some extent, facilitated by Millennium bcp, falls exclusively to those parties and Millennium bcp waives all liabilities for material or personal damages or losses that may have been, directly or indirectly, caused by those services.

7. All contents made available by remote channels that are not supplied by external parties and duly identified as such are object of intellectual property rights of Millennium bcp, including information, texts, tools and web design of the homebanking website, of the Apps and of the Mobile Web service.

8. The information and, in general, the contents of the remote channels may be altered without prior notice, exception made to those notices that are legally mandatory.

9. The total or partial reproduction of any content transmitted through the remote channels is not allowed nor may such content be used for professional purposes without prior authorization from its owners.

10. The Client, when activating and configuring the mobile phone to access the services of Millennium bcp by SMS, Mobile Web or APPs, authorizes the bank to contact him/her/it the same way, without damaging all legal requirements for unsolicited commercial communications.

11. Millennium bcp does not guarantee that the APPs are error free or that they will function perfectly on all devices and configurations and cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the APPs, nor does it commit to develop new versions. APPs are supplied without warranty.