Legal Information
Company open to public investment
Registered Office: Praça D. João I, 28 - Porto
Share Capital: 4.725.000.000,00 EUR
Registered at the Companies Registry Office of Oporto
Single registration and tax identification number 501 525 882

  • The Bank is a credit institution, whose activities are supervised by Banco de Portugal, by Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (Portuguese stock market regulator) and by Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões;
  • The Bank is authorised, specifically, to provide investment services as financial intermediary registered with the CMVM under no. 105 on 29 July 1991;
  • The Bank is part of the Investor Compensation Scheme regulated by Decree-Law nr. 222/99, of 22 June, that guarantees cover for loans incorporated into the liabilities of a participating entity as a consequence of the financial incapacity of the entity, in accordance with the applicable legal and contractual conditions, to reimburse or refund investors for the monies owed to them or belonging to them and which are affected, in particular, by investment operations, or which are held, administered or managed on their behalf in the context of investment operations;
  • The Bank is also part of the Deposit Guarantee Fund regulated by Decree-Law nr. 298/92, of 31 December, which is meant to ensure the refund of deposits made in the Credit Institutions that take part in it;
  • According to the law, the Bank informs the Client that all written communication addressed to the Bank may be sent to the Branch where the Current Account is located. If the Client wishes to contact the Bank by telephone, he/she/it may use the phone numbers previously given, which will be available for consultation at The Customer may furthermore contact the Bank by email by accessing;
  • In accordance with the legislation in force, the Client is entitled to request different treatment regarding his/her/its classification as investor, which should be addressed to the Bank in writing and will depend on the prior assessment of the Client's compliance with the legal requirements that enable the said different treatment, evaluating the Client's request using the criteria set forth in the law;
  • The request made must specify the services, financial instruments and transactions for which such treatment is intended;
  • If the Client's request if approved, the Bank will inform the Client of the approval and of the consequences of accepting such request, pursuant to the applicable legal rulings;
  • Even if the Bank accepts the classification requested by the Client, different from the one awarded by the Bank, it will only be effective if and when the client gives the Bank a signed written statement, saying that he/she/it is aware of the consequences of this option;
  • The Client may communicate with the Bank using the following languages: Portuguese and English and in any other language that has been previously agreed, in writing, between the Bank and the Client through the following means: in person at any of the Bank's branches, by phone, using the numbers indicated in the Bank's website at and by e-mail using the e-mail address;
  • The Bank has available a service to receive and handle any claims that the Clients may wish to present; For that purpose, the claims are to be sent to: Customer Care Centre via the number 91 827 24 24 | 93 522 24 24 | 96 599 24 24 | +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad) and/or by e-mail to the address and/or in writing, the complaint being addressed to Avenida Prof. Dr.Cavaco Silva (Tagus Park Edif 3, nº 28, 2740-256 PORTO SALVO), or to any Bank branch.
  • The Clients of Millennium bcp may also present claims caused by acts or omissions of the respective corporate bodies or employees to the Client Ombudsman (link para a página do provedor ), using the tools indicated in "Contacts" describing the issue in question in a clear and brief manner, attaching all eventual supporting documents.
  • The Bank is a financial intermediary subject to CMVM's supervision and as such its Clients may present any claims regarding its actions directly to the supervision authority using the website;
  • While executing orders received from its Clients, the Bank shall scrupulously comply with its guidelines for executing orders, mentioned in Annex I of the General Conditions
  • The investment in securities and/or financial instruments or derivatives incurs risk, since the market value of such investment may vary, which may imply a loss for the Client, eventually higher that the investment made. The Bank informs the Clients of such risks and summarizes the risks in the Annex II to the General Conditions;
  • The Bank will request the Client to purvey all the information regarding his/her/its knowledge and experience in investment regarding the type of instruments and/or product or the service in question.

    a. If, based on the information received, the Bank thinks that the operation under appraisal is not adequate for the awarded Client profile, the Bank will expressly warn the Client, using any of the means provided in art. 4 of the Securities Code, even if the communication to the Client is made using another form or another means of identification that guarantees equivalent levels of intelligibility, durability and authenticity, such as e-mail and telephone, recording the call;

    b. If the information requested is not purveyed, of which the Bank will inform the Client, under the terms defined in a) above, that it is not possible to determine the adequacy to the profile of the operation and/or product in question;

    Sole Paragraph: Both in (a) and (b), the operation will only be carried out or the service will only be rendered if the Client issues specific instructions to the Bank stating that he/she/it has the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the risks involved, and that the assets allow him/her/it to bear all financial risks connected with the investment and that the operation / product / service is consistent with his/her/its investment objectives.

  • Regarding accounts held by individuals, all co-holders know and entirely accept that the Bank will assess the knowledge and experience in financial instruments of the joint representative, and the remaining co-holders will only be allowed to execute, in that account, the transactions deemed adequate by the Bank for the profile of the joint representative of the financial instruments account.
  • Regarding accounts held by legal persons, the Bank will request the Client to purvey all the information regarding its knowledge and experience in investment regarding the type of investment and/or product or the service in question. The Bank shall inform the Client that the information requested, which will be the grounds for the adequacy questionnaires made by the Bank, will be reported and assessed in what concerns the assets of the Client Legal Person and in what concerns the knowledge and experience in financial instruments the information will be reported and assessed relating to the legal representative of the Client Legal Person that is negotiating with the Bank at the moment. If the Client Legal Person is bound by the signature of more than one legal representative, in which case the transactions must be executed by the number of people required to bind the Legal Person, the Bank will apply the regime of the legal representative who receives a higher level of protection;
  • Under the terms of the applicable legal rulings, the Bank informs the Client that, while providing the reception, transmission and execution of orders, the Bank may not be able to determine if the transaction is adequate to the Client's profile, and will simply obey the orders the Client issues, being entirely responsible for them, as long as the service regards shares listed in a regulated market, money market instruments, bonds or other forms of securitized debt, except for bonds or securitized debt that include derivatives, units in other credit institutions in securities and all other financial instruments deemed non-complex by law;
  • The Bank informs the Client that it produces, itself or through the companies comprising the Banco Comercial Português Group, analysis reports and offers opinions on securities which are not intended for one Client in particular, not constituting an independent financial service, particularly asset management or investment consulting, which are subject to specific agreements.
  • Such reports and opinions may be generally disclosed at or via other communication means, or directly by the Bank's employees, which in this case does not constitute personal recommendation;
  • Accordingly, the Bank informs the Client that the information in the reports and opinions issued:

    a. was gathered based on information available to the public and on sources deemed to be reliable;

    b. are not an offer to buy or sell securities;

  • Therefore, the Bank is not accountable for the damages caused by the inaccuracy of the information rendered in the aforementioned documents or by their undue use;

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