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Millennium bcp Business Gold

Business Gold

18.096% TAE

Treasury supporting instrument.

Apple Pay 



Equipped with contactless technology allowing payments to be made quickly and securely at terminals that present this option.

The credit card Business is perfect for companies or Entrepreneurs that have in their staff individuals that need, regularly, to make payments related with representation or service expenses.

Some of these operations are subject to charges.

Treasury support by means of an interest-free credit period that may be used from 20 to 50 days.

Possibility of making the partial payment of the outstanding balance by choosing to pay from 3%, 15%, 25%, 50% to 75%, with a € 10 minimum.

The information on insurances does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Please read the Insurance and Assistance Guide.​​

Other Advantages:

It enables you to get a better control of your operating and representation expenses either by means of the consolidated and detailed separate statements that can be issued in a digital format and sent to an e-mail address indicated by you, or by analysing the transactions in the corporate website;

Reduction of administrative costs in the processing of the representation and service expenses;

Possibility of obtaining zero availability fee (annuity) forever. The annual fee of € 50 (plus stamp duty) is charged annually from 01-01-2021 and can be returned in the month when you reach € 7,200 in purchases through the VISA Network.​​


Annual Fees:

Availability fee: € 50 per card charged annually (plus Stamp Tax). Return of the commission charged from 01-01-2021, in the month when the invoice for purchases in the Visa network reaches € 7,200.

Detailed information available in the pricing in effect (consult chapter 11. Credit and Debit Cards).

Interest rates:

16.000% TAN (Annual Nominal Rate) and 18.096% TAE (Annual Effective Rate). Example for a credit limit of € 2,500 paid over ​​ in 12 monthly payments, and repayment of the principal in the last instalment, considering a card utilization fee of € 50 (plus Stamp Tax).

TAE estimated in accordance with the provisos of Decree-Law 220/94 of 23 August and rounded to three decimal places.

Detailed information available in the pricing in force (consult chapter 20. Credit Operations).​



Describing the charges made from day 1 to 30/31of each month, the following statements are available:

  • Consolidated Statement - Sent to the Company, it includes the total amount to be debited for the use of the cards, containing also detailed information on the transactions made per card.
  • Detailed Statement - Sent to the card holders, detailing the charges, total amount used and outstanding.

Possibility of subscribing e-statements which will be automatically sent to an e-mail address indicated by you.


By debit in the Company account for all the cards.

The debit is made on the 20th day of the month following the statement's closing date. Since the debit is only made in the month following the use of the card there is an interest free period of time that may vary between 20 and 50 days.

Possibility of making the partial payment of the outstanding balance by choosing to pay from 3%, 15%, 25%, 50% to 75%, with a € 10 minimum.

How to subscribe

To request your Business Gold, contact your usual interlocutor at the Bank or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

We remind you that approval is subject to risk analysis and credit assessment by Millennium bcp.

Other issues

For more information, contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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