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TAP Business

TAP Business

19.915% TAE

Your boarding pass to explore the world.

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The TAP Business Card is a credit card for Companies.
By subscribing, the TAP Business card is associated to your TAP Miles&Go Programme membership number, enabling you to accumulate miles in your daily purchases.

You earn Miles when you become a Member

If you subscribe to the TAP Business card you will earn 4000 miles, which you'll get 3 months after the first purchase.

Convert your purchases into Miles

For every 1 € in purchases with the TAP Business card you will receive 1.25 miles.

No miles shall be attributed for cash advances, payment of services / purchases with entity and reference, payments to the State, Via Verde, tolls and other low value payments, annual fees, rates, fees, interests and taxes.

Additional Miles

For each anniversary year with the card, you earn additional 2,000 miles, provided you have spent € 28,500 on purchases the previous year.

Travel with comfort with the TAP Business card

Take advantage of special benefits whenever you travel in flights operated by TAP and with a TAP ticket, regardless of the class you are in (exception made to tickets tap | discount).

Avoid check-in lines

Access to the tap | plus Check-in at domestic airports benefiting from a fast and personalized service.

Differentiated Boarding

Access to Fast Track - Priority Security and X-Ray at Lisbon Airport  that allows you to skip lines and save time.
The above-mentioned advantages do not apply if you travel with tickets with airline industry discounts, such as special fares for airline employees or travel agents and tap l discount fares.

Status Miles

The miles you get from purchases made with the TAP credit cards (bonus miles) give you even more advantages! For every 5 miles earned from purchases paid for with the TAP card you will receive 1 status mile, up to a maximum of 5,000 status miles a year. The status miles may upgrade your status in the TAP Miles&Go Programme (Miles, Silver and Gold).

More miles with the Club TAP Miles&Go

By joining the Club TAP Miles&Go, as holder of a TAP credit card, you may get even more miles:

  • 4.000 additional miles in the Plan Club TAP Miles&Go Basic
  • 6.000 additional miles in the Plan Club TAP Miles&Go Extra
  • 8.000 additional miles in the Plan Club TAP Miles&Go Top
  • 15.000 additional miles in the Plan Club TAP Miles&Go Platinum

Select your plan and, to get these miles, all you have to do is accumulate a minimum amount of 25,000 miles with all the purchases paid with your TAP credit card during the plan's validity period.

Subscribe to the Club TAP Miles&Go and start immediately accumulating miles with your TAP credit card.


Provision of a credit card:

Utilization fee: 85 € per card charged every year (plus stamp tax).

For additional information please see the pricing in force (vide chapter 11.3 - Other Cards).

Credit Cost:

The monthly expenses are paid by the automatic debit to the company's account on the 30th of each month or on the working day immediately after - the current account does not have to be from Millennium bcp - you just need to provide the IBAN of the account you will use to make the payment.

Payment: option 100%, 75%, 50%, 15% and 3% (with a 10 € minimum).

Interest rates:

16.000% TAN (Annual Nominal Rate) and 19.915% TAE (Annual Effective Rate). Example for a 2.500 € loan repaid in 12 monthly payments, and repayment of the principal in the last instalment, considering a card utilization fee of 85 € (plus Stamp Tax).

TAE estimated in accordance with the provisos of Decree-Law 220/94 of 23 August and rounded to three decimal places.



The TAP cards enable you to shop and have credit (Cash Advance) in Portugal and abroad through the VISA, where the same is available.

In Portugal, it also enables you to pay services and purchases with entity and reference.

Equipped with contactless technology allowing payments to be made quickly and securely at terminals that present this option.

Flexibility and Freedom of choice

You will have immediate access to credit with the advantage of being able to go shopping today and pay afterwards, up to 50 days.

The statement describing all card entries is issued on the 10th of each month or on the immediately preceding business day. The payment of the monthly expenses is made on the 30th of that month or on the immediately preceding business day.

For your comfort you do not need to change your Bank. The monthly payments can be debited in the usual bank account, all you have to do is provide the respective IBAN.

Insurance and Assistance

TAP Business cards have an insurance and assistance package especially designed for travellers:

Guarantees Coverages TAP Business
Capital (€)
Card Theft/Fraud Insurance Fraudulent use by third parties within the 96h following the situation is reported to the Bank and the 48h immediately after the reporting max.
Amount paid by the Insurance holder during the 48h 150
Travel Accidents Death or total and permanent disability max.
Travel Unexpected Events Baggage delivery delayed for more than 6h max.
Baggage delayed for more than 48h max.
Delay exceeding 6 hours, cancellation or refusal of admission due to excess number of passengers in a regular confirmed flight max.
Missed flight connections between 2 flights without alternative means of transportation during the next 12 hours. max.
Missed flight due to failure in regular public transportation max.
Cancellation of the trip or early return decided by the holder, due to death, illness or serious accident max.
Loss, mishandling, theft or deterioration of baggage Loss, mishandling, theft or deterioration of baggage during the trip max.
Travel Assistance Medical, medication and hospitalization expenses max.
(25 € excess)
Reimbursement of the stay expenses max.
Daily sub-limit 75
Information and medical control; repatriation or medical transportation in case of accident or disease; remittance of urgent medication to abroad; monitoring of the hospitalized individual; expenses with children while staying abroad; early return of the insured individual; transportation or repatriation after death; conveyance of urgent messages; search and transportation of lost luggage No limit

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

How to subscribe

Millennium bcp Clients

To apply for a Tap Business card contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

If you are not yet a member of the TAP Miles&Go Programme, please make a prior registration.

Card Client - Clients with accounts in other banks

Send an e-mail to so that we may call you. Or go to any Millennium bcp branch.

Approval is subject to Millennium bcp's risk analysis and credit assessment.

Other issues

For more information, contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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Personal assistance

Products and services - available every day from 8am to 10pm, (GMT).
Technical support - available every business days from 8am to 2am to the following day and on non-business days from 10am to 12pm (GMT).

Calls to 707 504 504 are
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charge per minute will be 0.13€.
These charges are subject to VAT.

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