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Stolen or lost card

If your card has been lost, stolen or misplaced, you must notify us immediately:

Mastercard / Visa
Phone Fax
800 91 04 02
(Customized Service 24 hours)
(00351) 21 427 04 08

Note: If you are abroad, you should use (00351) 21 427 04 02 (personalized service 24h)


Cancel card

To cancel your card just take it to a Millennium bcp branch.


Renew card

If you wish to renew your current card then don't worry - your card will renew automatically when it expires.


Unauthorised Card Transaction Claim

If there has been a debit or credit card transaction that you don't recognise, print and fill in the Unauthorised Card Transaction Claim and hand it in at a Millennium bcp branch.

The form contains the list of documents you need to present in each situation.