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Sodexo Refeição Pass

Sodexo Refeição Pass

Meal allowances with benefits for the Company and the Employees.


Less income tax and social security contributions (TSU) for the Company and the Employees:

In 2021 whenever the meal allowance is paid in cash it will be taxed when it reaches € 4.77 or more.

Whenever the payment is made by means of a meal card, it will only be taxed if it reaches € 7.63 or more:

Daily limits to the tax exemption of the Meal Allowances 2018
Maximum Amount not taxed (in cash) € 4.77
Maximum Amount not taxed (in meal card) € 7.63
Variation of the Daily Exemption € 2.86
Annual Exemption (estimation basis): € 2.86 x 22 days x 11 months = € 692.12

Annual Benefit for the Company (per Employee):

When companies pay allowances by crediting a Free Refeição Card, they do not pay charges if the credit does not exceed the daily limit of € 7.63, a situation that, for companies paying meal allowances that reach or exceed this amount, represents an annual benefit of € 164.38 per Employee.

€ 692.12 * Single Social Tax (23.75%) = € 164.38

Annual Benefit for Employees:

For the Employees the basis for computation is the same and the benefit falls on the 11% social security rate and on the income tax rate attributed, representing an increase in the annual net income.

Example for an Employee, considering a meal allowance equal to or above € 7.63 with a final income tax rate of 30.00%:

€ 692.12* [Single Social Tax (11%) +Income Tax (30.00%)] = € 283.77


Enables the Company to pay using meal vouchers and without the need to physically hand vouchers to the Employees.

Enables the Employees to accumulate the amounts received and use them in the following months.

Cost reduction for the company

Elimination of the administrative work associated with the processing and handling of meal vouchers.


  • The use of the card is totally independent from the Company's accounts;
  • Possibility of stopping top ups without the need to immediately cancel the Card;
  • Possibility of cancelling and replacing the Card in case the same is lost or stolen, without loss of funds;
  • The transactions must mandatorily be validated with the PIN.

The tax scenario described in this document has a general scope and may be altered.

All potential interested companies should evaluate the consequences and implications of purchasing this product in view of their particular circumstances.​


Service subject to the pricing in force (vide chapter 11.3 - Other Cards).


The Sodexo Refeição Pass is a pre-paid card from Sodexo Pass Portugal, issued by Millennium bcp.

It is exclusively used for making purchases in the majority of the food sector establishments, including super and hypermarkets and in all those having an agreement with Sodexo.

It must be previously topped up in order to be used. This top up can only be made by the Company in the form of a meal allowance.

The amounts topped up in this card cannot, under any circumstance, be converted into cash, either by means of withdrawals or account transfers.

Available transactions

The Free Refeição card enables employees to pay for purchases made in most establishments of the food sector that accept cards of the Multibanco and Visa Electron networks.

At an ATM they will be able to make the following operations:

  • View Transactions;
  • Change the PIN;
  • Access and User Codes for homebanking and an App for smartphones or tablets, if users do not have a Millennium bcp account.

Ways to top-up

There are 3 ways to top up the card:

  • One-off top-up:
    • Available in Banking Operations through the option  Payments » Cards» Pre-paid cards top ups» Millennium bcp Free;
    • At an ATM by selecting "Payment of Services" Entity 20394, Reference: last 9 digits of the card;
    • By requesting the top up directly at your Branch.
  • Multiple Cards Top up Batch:
    • By generating an online batch, selecting the option Payments» Cards » Pre-paid cards top up » Batch top up.
  • Multiple Cards Top up with File:
    • By sending a file, selecting the options Payments» Cards » Pre-paid cards top ups » File upload (PCE);

Click here to see the Layout of the file for the top up of pre-paid cards.


The Free Refeição cards provide monthly statements, issued exclusively in digital format, that are sent to the e-mail addresses of the Employees.

Employees can view balances and debit/credit entries at any ATM, in or in the App Millennium.

How to subscribe

All you have to do is fill in the form and deliver the same to your Client Manager or at any Millennium bcp Branch.

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