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... for accessing Millennium bcp's Companies Mobile services.

Mobile is the most recent and emerging channel for accessing Millennium bcp. We are aware that one of the challenges to win the approval of companies' mobile banking users is the security of the services provided via mobile access.

Millennium bcp has set in place mechanisms that provide the highest security levels for you to execute banking operations via mobile.

  • Mandatory prior subscription of the App Service;
  • The App installation and the first access can only be completed if you have SAFe (Strong Authentication System);
  • During the App's installation a security PIN will be defined, personal and non-transmissible, which will be requested whenever you open the Millennium App;
  • During the App's installation you will be asked to enter your User Code and to authenticate it with the code sent to your SAFe mobile phone;
  • Each User can only access the App using a single device (1 user » 1 application » 1 device). Operations are always signed off using the password;
  • One operation cannot be authorised by the same User in different channels;
  • It will abide by the rules for accessing the accounts, combinations and limits and access to functions defined in the Company's registry and in the User's registry on the website;
  • Unblocking the App: after three failed attempts to enter the PIN the application can only be unblocked by entering a PUK code that you can get after logging on to the corporate website.

But, just like with any other new technology or service, you have a fundamental role in cutting down security risks by using safe and preventive practices.

Get to know our recommendations to increase your safety while making banking operations using Millennium bcp's Mobile services for Companies.

  • Your password is strictly personal and you should ensure that it remains confidential. Don't use obvious passwords that can be easily guessed (12345678, 1111EMPR, "password", etc) to access Millennium bcp's homebanking services Change your password frequently at Other services > Personal Data Management;
  • Do not use the Companies Mobile access codes for other accesses, especially online. Never tell your secret access codes to anyone. Should you suspect that your access codes have been compromised, please change them as soon as possible or request that they be blocked using the phone channel;
  • You should always read our Newsletters and the information we provide on security. Please feel free to suggest any security issue you would like to read about on our newsletter.

What if my mobile phone is stolen?

Other Issues

Should you have any doubt regarding this process please call 707 504 504 for customer support available on business days from 8h00 to 20h00 (GMT). From abroad call +351 210 04 24 24.

Calls to 707 504 504 are charged at a maximum of 0.09€ per minute if using a landline; if you call this number using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.13€. These charges are subject to VAT.

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