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Products List

Confirming On Time

5.705% TAE
Paying is easy and you get paid faster.

Factoring On Time

5.747% TAE
Always get paid on time.

Car Leasing

5.561% TAE
A flexible solution for the purchase of new passenger, cargo or mixed vehicles.

Car Renting

Using Renting, it's more comfortable, safer and cheaper to manage your Company's car fleet.

Collateralized Current Account

8.712% TAE
A flexible instrument to cope with the volatility of your treasury needs

Loan Account

9.266% TAE
A loan envisaged specifically to make your company's investment projects come true.

Bank Guarantee

Close your deals quickly and securely, with the Bank as your partner.

Real Estate Leasing

10.500% TAE
The solution tailored to your projects.

Equipment Leasing

5.217% TAE
Flexible solutions for the acquisition of equipment.

Crédito Avançar

7.937% TAE
Purchase new equipment for your business for only 200 €/month.

IVA On Time

6.541% TAE
Get your VAT refund earlier and improve your company's treasury management.

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Products List
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