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Car Renting

Using Renting, it's more comfortable, safer and cheaper to manage your Company's car fleet.


The Renting Company allows you to select and use the vehicles you need without having to worry with their purchase, maintenance, insurances, or devaluation, and it also manages your car fleet.

Your Company may benefit from the advantages of the outsourcing applied to Fleet Management.

Cost Reduction and Safety:

  • The reduction of costs is nowadays one of the main priorities of Companies that wish to remain competitive;
  • Outsourcing services allows Companies to benefit from scale economies and profit from the experience of specialized larger operations.

Concentration on your main Activity:

  • Due to the current complexity of the markets, Companies have to devote greater attention to their main activity, a fundamental requisite in order to remain competitive.
  • Outsourcing services enables companies to concentrate on their main activity while external experts carry out ancillary activities.

Flexibility and Fast Adjustment:

  • The current dynamics of the markets, which translate into increasingly fast changes, also requires that Companies acquire an increasing capacity to adjust to those changes and anticipate them;
  • Outsourcing suppliers will give Companies more flexibility and provide them with greater capacity to adapt to new contexts.

Using Renting, managing your Company's car fleet is:

The Renting Company:

  • acquires and legalizes the vehicles;
  • contracts the insurance and renews it every year;
  • takes care of check-ups and repairs;
  • handles everything related to accidents (schedules damages inspections, repairs, ...);
  • pays the car circulation tax (IUC);  The amount is included in the fixed monthly rent.


  • annuls costs with services that are essential to the good functioning of the vehicle (preventive and corrective maintenance, insurances, management of incidents, taxes);
  • the car devaluation risk disappears (the Client only pays the use of the car; by the end of the contract, the company decides if it wants to purchase the vehicle; the devaluation risk is assumed by the Renting Company.

You only pay what you effectively use:

  • purchasing a car can be a bad investment;
  • with the Renting solution, the Client only pays the use of the vehicle (the difference between the purchase price and the market value estimated by the end of the contract);
  • no need to "invest" funds to have a new car;
  • releases funds for more profitable investments.

02.002.4339 - 17.11.2011


The rents are paid every month, on an early and fixed (*) basis throughout the contract and cover the rental and the contracted services.

(*) The amount of the Insurance premium and the excess paid by the Client may be altered while the contract is in force due to eventual revisions made by the Insurance Company or whenever the Client's number of accidents so justifies.  The intention to alter the premium and/or the excess will be communicated 30 days prior to the date when the same produces effects. The Client has the right to terminate this Service and must communicate to SGald Automotive the subscription of an insurance wherein the rights in favour of that company have been safeguarded. This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Consult the Pricing in effect, available for consultation at any Millennium bcp Branch near you.


Renting is a car rental agreement, including the provision of integrated services, to be in effect for a determined period of time and kilometres against the payment of a rent.

You only have to choose the vehicle and the renting company purchases the car and rents the same to your company for the period of the contract.

The renting includes the provision of services that are essential to the use of the vehicle and also optional ones.

The monthly rent that covers the rental and the associated services remains the same during the entire term of the contract. By the end of the contract, you may buy the car for its market value or return it to the Renting Company.


  • New vehicles (purchased at brand official stands);
  • Passenger and cargo vehicles up to 3,500 kg and 9 seats;
  • From 24 to 48 months;
  • Maximum number of kilometres 160,000km (gasoline) or 200,000km (diesel).
    Note: In case the kilometres made exceed the agreed ones, the Bank reserves the right to re-estimate the rents in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Renting contract.


  • Base:
    - Maintenance (includes check-ups and repairs);
    - Car circulation tax (IUC);
    - Mandatory Periodical Inspection;
    - 24 hours Driver Assistance.
  • Optional:
    - Replacement Vehicle;
    - Replacement of tires;
    - Accidents Insurance and Management;
    - Fuel cards (up to 2 cards per vehicle (GALP and/or BP) with the possibility of including the Via Verde toll payment service).

Fixed Rent:

A monthly fixed¹ rent throughout the contract, covering the rental and associated services.

¹ If the premium of the insurance is included and the insurance company decides to change it, the value of the rent may suffer alterations.

This information on insurances does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information. To get detailed information on this product go to a  Millennium bcp Branch.

The effective granting of the credit operations herein presented depends on the prior appraisal and decision on the credit risk and on the eventual provision of valid collaterals required by the Bank.

Renting Company

In RENTING, the contracts are established with SGald Automotive, a fleet managing company part of Group Société Générale, with which BCP established a partnership. SGald Automotive - Sociedade Geral de Comércio e Aluguer de Bens, SA, Share Capital € 10,000,000, Single TIN and commercial registration 503188620.  The company SGALD Automotive is responsible for the pricing and respective alterations.

Consult the prices of the SGALD Automotive Services here.

How to acquire

Select the vehicle you want (brand, model, version and extras/accessories) and the services you want and contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch to get a simulation.

Other issues

 Other FAQ

What is the difference between Renting and a financing (Leasing, Long Term Rental, ...)?

Using a loan (Leasing, long term renting, ...), you pay the vehicle in full during the period the contract is in effect. Therefore, you bear the devaluation risk. On the other hand, you must contract the services individually.
Since Renting involves a rental, you only pay the utilization of the vehicle, i.e. you pay less per month and do not bear the devaluation risk. Besides, Renting includes all services essential to the use of a vehicle (check-ups, insurances,...).

I reserved a car in a stand. Can I get that car with a renting agreement?

Yes, provided that the stand is an official representative of the respective brand. In those cases, please send us - or ask the stand to send us - the pro-forma invoice of the vehicle, describing all extras.

Are all types of malfunctions and check-ups included?

The monthly fixed rent pays for all check-ups and repairs necessary to maintain the vehicle in good functioning conditions, except those resulting from the misuse of the vehicle (for example, non-compliance with the maintenance plan made by the manufacturer).

Can I use any repair shop?

You will have to use the Repair Shops network authorized by the Renting Company. By using the network of authorized repair shops, the quality, speed and cost of the repairs made are properly guaranteed.

What is Incident Management?

Everything related with the incident, be it towing (if necessary), damage inspection, repair or provision of replacement vehicles, is handled by the Renting Company.

Is the monthly rent the same throughout the entire duration of the contract?

Yes, the monthly rent remains the same regardless of variations in the interest rate and the cost of the check-ups and repairs. The rent will only be changed if there are changes to the tax regime (VAT for example) or, in case of rentals including insurance, if the Insurance Company decides to alter the insurance.

If an incident occurs and I am responsible for it, will the premium increase?
The values of the Insurance Premium and of the excess, paid by you when you subscribe the service, may suffer alterations during the contract due to eventual revisions made by the Insurance Company or whenever you have a number of incidents that justifies such a revision. The intention to alter the premium and/or the excess will be communicated 30 days prior to the date when the same produces effects. You will be entitled to terminate this service and subscribe another insurance, after which you must inform SGald Automotive that you subscribed an insurance wherein SGald's rights have been safeguarded.
With Renting, can I keep the insurance I currently have?

With Millennium bcp's Renting, you can choose the insurance (for example, the insurance you currently have), as long as you get Civil Liability and Own Damages Covers and safeguard SGald Automotive's rights.

Is it possible to alter the term and kilometres of the contract?

Yes. Twelve months after the date the contract enters into effect, you may alter the contracted term, kilometres and services. The Renting Company will the re-estimate the rent with retroactive effects as of the date the contract entered into effect.

What happens if I exceed the agreed kilometres?

If, at the end of the contract, the kilometres are within the variation scope defined in the framework agreement (currently between +30% and -10%), you will either pay or receive the difference in terms of kilometres. The estimation is made based on the amount per kilometre agreed at the beginning of the contract.

With Renting, can I exchange the vehicle before the contract ends?

With Renting, you cannot exchange the vehicle while the contract is in effect since each vehicle represents a contract.  However, if you wish to exchange the vehicle while the contract is still in force, you can terminate the contract and enter into a new contract for a new vehicle.

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