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We follow the digital evolution of our clients,
betting on innovative services and new tools
for companies to become more agile and competitive.


  • Assets
  • Current accounts: Debit and credit entries, Daily Balances and Average Balances, e-Statement, Monthly Calendar.
  • Term investments
  • Securities Portfolio
  • Insurances Portfolio
  • Credit: Signature, Financial, Commercial.
  • Cards: Statements, Debit and credit entries, Cards list.
  • Low-value Payments
  • Closing POS devices
  • Cheques - Images and Management
  • Forex Operations with the Dealing Room
  • Balances and Credit and Debit Slips in digital format
  • e-Statements
  • Foreign Orders received
  e-Statements and Bank slips
One-off Transactions
One-off Transactions
  • Domestic Transfers: between BCP accounts, Other Credit Institutions, BCP accounts with the same holder.
  • International Transfers: In Euros and Foreign Currency, Urgent and Priority Payments.
  • Bills and Purchases Payments
  • Mobile Phones top-up
  • Free Cards top-up
  • State Payments: Taxa Social Única (Companies, self-employed individuals, Voluntary Social Insurance, Domestic Workers), Taxes, DUC Taxes.
  • Requesting Cheques
  • Making Term Deposits
  • Foreign Cheques
  • Request to open Documentary Operations
  Scheduled operations
Scheduled operations
  • One-off transactions
    • State Payments
    • Bills and Purchases Payments
    • Domestic transfers: Future date, Permanent.
  • File Management/Bulk payments
    • Taxa Social Única - TSU/XSU
    • Wages, suppliers and others
    • International Transfers and sending files in formats MT101 and iDOC
    • Cheque Letter
    • Taxes
    • Multibanco Services
File Management/Bulk payments
File Management/Bulk payments
  • From the most common instructions, such as the payment of salaries or payments to suppliers, to the most complex transactions, such as the SEPA international collections in Euros, the Millennium bcp Companies website is not only able to accept a large variety of banking instructions by file, it also gives you the possibility of generating those files online.
  Cash Management
Cash Management
  • One-off Funds Transfer
  • Urgent Funds Transfer
  • Daily Statements (Format MT940, AF120, CAMT053)
  • Interim Statements
  • Easy Confirming
  • Sending, viewing and cancelling Remittances
  • Create online, view an cancel payments notices
  • View documents
  • Manage suppliers
  • View protocols and payments calendar
  • Easy Factoring
  • View: Contracts, Collections, Credit Portfolio, Registry and Status of Credits Assigned, Management Indicators.
  • Transactions: Online creation of Credits Assignment, Upload and Viewing Factoring - Credits Assignment Files - Advances, Inclusion of Debtors, Alteration of Sub-Limits, Requests for resending Current Account Balances and Requests for resending Loans Borrowed Statements.
Documentary Operations   Pending Operations
Pending Operations
  • Area of the portal where users with authorization powers sign off on operations;
  • All the information on the operation is available to the users with authorization powers;
  • In operations with files, both the operation data (nr. of records, total amount, processing date) and the individual data for each record are provided;
  • Who authorised and when;
  • Who uploaded;
  • Cancelling the operation;
  • Multiple authorisation of several operations.
Operations History / Proof of transactions
Operations History / Proof of transactions
  • Area of the portal where users can access the details of the transactions carried out online;
  • In operations with files, both the operation data (nr. of records, total amount, processing date) and the individual data for each record are provided;
  • Who authorised and when;
  • Who uploaded;
  • Access proof of transactions;
  • Data can be printed, sent by e-mail or saved to a hard drive.
  Web portal customisation
Web portal customisation
  • Customise account names
  • Accounts view
  • Warnings
  • Sending account statements by e-mail
  • Favourites

Using the Millennium bcp Companies web portal is free of charge, other than the costs of each transaction or service according to the pricing in effect at the moment the transaction is executed, and available for consultation at any Millennium bcp branch or at here.