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SMS alert with indication of access codes disabled

Be aware of the SMS's on behalf of Millennium bcp,
indicating that the User and the access code have been "disabled",
", requesting their activation through a link, as the example below:



After accessing the message link , a page appears (in the mobile phone), as you can see below:



This is a phishing attack aimed at capturing the User Code
and the entire Multichannel Access Code as well as data from a bank card, as shown



This phishing action also requests the following data:



And then it asks for a bank card data:



This is a phishing action with the objective of capturing personal and banking data,
transactions can be executed in your account or even the registration in the Millennium
App with your access and authentication codes



Please be reminded that...

Millennium bcp's website is accessed using the User Code and three random positions of the Multichannel Code;
Whenever you access your bank accounts through the Millennium bcp website, check if the address starts with (for the Individuals access) and (for the Companies access) and that, at the end of the address bar, a lock is shown, as follows:


Carefully read the contents of the SMS received with Authorization Codes that, apart from the code also contain the data of the transaction. In case you receive an SMS without making a transaction, please contact us immediately.
You should analyse the e-mails you receive before opening them always confirming the source, the subject and the spelling and, if you remain with doubts, delete the e-mail without opening it.

Remember: The protection of your assets and of your computer depends on you!

Individuals - Security information Companies - Security information



If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351210052424 (international call).

The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.​