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...on how to log in to the Millennium bcp website.


Never access our website by clicking on links. Always type out the full address;


Don't trust emails that have supposedly been sent by Millennium bcp and request personal and/or confidential details such as your passwords, taxpayer nr., confirmation key, mobile phone nr., etc. We never ask our clients to give out this type of information by email;


Whenever you access your Millennium bcp bank accounts online, always check that the address starts with and that there is a padlock on the bottom corner of the page:


If in doubt, check the source of the Digital Certificate (double-click on the padlock) is indeed Millennium bcp:


Never access sites with personal or confidential/sensitive information or that allows banking transactions, through links. Always type out the full address of the site you want to access in the address bar.


Don't use obvious Multichannel Code (e.g. 1234567; 1111111; date of birth; etc.) to log in to Millennium bcp. From time to time, change your Multichannel Code in the “Customize" option of menu “M Area” on the top bar of the page, after login;


Set your personal Access Codes (Username and Multichannel Code) for the Millennium bcp website and don't use them for other websites;


Millennium bcp will never ask you to enter more than 3 digits from your Multichannel Code. Any such request is a fraud attempt and should be reported through: 918 504 504 | 930 504 504 | 961 504 126 | +351 210 042 424  (from Portugal and abroad) (24/7 Helpdesk).


Carefully read the contents of the SMS/text messages received containing the authorisation codes since the transaction data are identified in the SMS. Never give the authorization codes received via SMS or Token to third parties.


If you suspect that your Millennium Code has been compromised, then don't think twice: change them, or call us and ask us to block them;

Always consult our newsletters and the security information we provide. If you would like us to discuss a certain security issue, please send us your suggestion.


If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information
please contact us using Banco Mail or, alternatively, by telephone on
918272424 / 935222424 / 965992424 (domestic call)
or +351210052424 (international call).

The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.​