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Safety is one of the areas where Millennium bcp invests more, together with reliability and service quality. This investment aims to ensure a solid link of trust in the relation with the Customers regardless of the channel through which they access the Bank. So as to strengthen trust and promote the use of the Companies website at, you will find below a set of safety recommendations and relevant information for Users:

Banking Operations

Whenever a user intends to access the Bank through the companies area of the Bank, the Bank requests its Digital Certificate (issued by the Bank), the User Code, the Password and the entering of 2 random positions of the User's TIN to verify its identity.

The Digital Certificate is, electronically, equivalent to the Identity card (I.D.) or to the Passport . It is a credential issued by a Certificate Authority that the Users may present electronically as a proof of their identity. In this case, the certificates are issued by Millennium bcp and enable the institution to, unequivocally, identify its Users.

A Strong Costumer Authentication is required to carry out some operations, ensuring an additional security level.

Validity of the session:

After 5 minutes without using the service after logging in, the session automatically expires to prevent third parties, who may have access to the computer, viewing assets or making transactions.

Last login

We always provide the information on the last login/transaction - available on the upper right-hand corner, with the time and date of the last login. If it does not match, contact us immediately.

Delegation of powers

Millennium bcp also provides a tool enabling the definition of different levels of authorisation  for the several users inside the Company.

The delegation of powers made by the Company to the Employees will match its needs and ensures a higher level of security since it always enables the Company to know "who" made "what" without the sharing of codes amongst the users.

Millennium bcp's IT infrastructure

Millennium bcp is permanently concerned with adequately protecting your information, in accordance with its importance, value and sensitivity, so as to ensure that it remains confidential, undamaged and available. Consequently, Millennium bcp has been setting in motion a set of mechanisms and security controls based on the best international standards allowing it to permanently mitigate the risks associated to this activity.

Communication encryption

The communications established between the Company and the services of the Companies website of Millennium bcp are encrypted, meaning that the information is transmitted in a confidential manner and cannot be altered during its transmission.

The safe communication is established between the Customer's browser and the Companies website. The Company accesses this protocol through an address beginning with https://  (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL). This is possible by using an encrypted protocol enabling safe communications through the Internet.

Security awareness

Our Customers' awareness of security issues is an ongoing concern for Millennium bcp.

There are several ways to achieve this goal. These include the information placed in and the regular publication of Security Newsletters. This way, we provide guidelines which, if taken under due consideration by our Customers will help them to safeguard the protection of their identity, as well as the information they use.

The objective is to get a higher awareness and attention by the customers for security issues. Therefore when they have to face determined situations they will be able to, more easily, identify and solve fraud attempts.

Millennium bcp makes a rigorous follow-up of all situations reported by the Customers and involves the competent authorities whenever necessary.


Remember: The protection of your assets and of your data depends on you!