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False messages using the name Millennium bcp - Do not open the links

We have been alerted that several Clients and non Clients received e-mail messages supposedly sent by Millennium bcp with the subject "nova mensagem", informing the Client that he/she/it has a message “tem uma nova mensagem esperando por você na Caixa de entrada do NetBanco” that can be read by opening a link.

Example of the e-mail received:



It represents another case of Phishing wherein, when you access the link “Clique aqui”, a fake login page, similar to the one presented by Millennium bcp but located at another website, appears: 



It starts by requesting the User Code...



After that, it goes on and requests 3 digits of the Multichannel Code



It will say that there was an error entering the data and request a mobile phone number and the other 4 digits of the Client's Multichannel Code:



After the full identification of the credentials for accessing, it will request an Authorization Code:



Afterwards, the cyber-criminal requests an Authorization Code to execute the registry with the Millennium App, and an SMS will be sent saying “Ativação da App Millennium em smartphone/tablet. Código de autorização *******. Contacte o Banco caso não tenha solicitado este código. Millennium App registration on a smartphone/tablet. Authorization code: *******. If you did not request this code, please contact the Bank.- Do not enter the Code you received on your mobile phone in the field shown above.

Very important:

  • Whenever you access your bank accounts through the Millennium bcp website, check if the address starts with (for the Individuals access) and (for the Companies access) and that, at the end of the address bar, a lock is shown, as follows:
  • Millennium bcp does not send electronic messages with links;
  • Millennium bcp's website is accessed using a User Code and three random positions of the Multichannel Code (if your enter a wrong number, the three random positions requested remain the same until you login successfully);
  • You should beware of any e-mail that requires "immediate action" or creates a sense of urgency, especially if it shows spelling errors or bad grammar, links and attached files;
  • Carefully read the SMS received containing the Authorisation Codes since the transaction data are identified in the SMS;

Remember: The protection of your assets and of your computer depends on you!

If you ever find something out of place at or if you need further information please call us on 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24 / +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad) (Personal Assistance 24/7).

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